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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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If Trump Says Obama Born In US Is He Still A Racist?

If the sun comes up in the East, is it still hot?

Is water wet?

You ain't off the hook racist asshole.

Now Hiring - Trump Surrogates For Media


1. Must be able to lie repeatedly, and interrupt other people as they try to correct your lies.
2. Must not care about your soul.
3. Must not care about the future of our nation, or our planet.
4. Must want to win at any cost.
5. See qualification one...... repeat......

If you would like to see a big beautiful mushroom cloud, that would be a big plus!

You're Hired!

Wolf Blitzer Just F-Ing Stop It

So I got home for lunch and Wolf was interviewing Woolsey a Trump tool. Ok, Woolsey has and opinion. No big deal, he is and idiot.

Now Wolf prefaces the break by saying he will talk about Colin Powell, who's e-mails "Rip into Clinton" instead of saying
"Rip into Clinton and Trump" which would be more accurate. Colin didn't have much nice to say about Hillary, but he trashed Trump 50 times as bad.

Wolf seemed to have left that out.

That is a pure example of the TRUMP F-ING SUPPORTING MEDIA.

I am sick of this crap CNN.

Hitting Hillary all they can with garbage when Trump is an actual scam artist, fraudster, and crook.

Why Do Conservatives Have To Constantly Lie And Liberals / Progressives Never Have To?

Simple question.....

CNN Why Do You Have Lying Sacks Of Sh*t On? Kingston Lies Like A Snake And You Give Him A Microphone

I want news, not some dip sh*t lying his ass off on my television every damn night.

CNN you should apologize to me the viewer for these Trump assholes and their bald faced lies.

New rule for Trump Scum. Stop lying or you have to go to Fox and stay there with all the liars.

Please Rec.

CNN Needs To See This

It make me sick.

Trump Will Tell Dr. Oz How Healthy He Is Tomorrow Without Showing Results - I Feel So Relieved

No test results. Dr. Oz will be able to ask him questions and Trump will tell the doctor the answer.


I am sure he is perfectly healthy. Just ask him.....

Hillary, They Are Evil Not Just Deplorable


Glad I cleared that up.

New Term = Donnie's Deplorables

They are deplorable, and they are proud of it.


Hey Deplorables - Ever Thought Of Becoming Non-Racists?

I know, I know. You're not racists.

Just like the guy beating his wife is not an abuser.

Time to grow up.

(If you are offended at being called deplorable, then you know you are one of them)

Please let me know how I can offend you some more......

Hillary Do Not Back Down. Ever. They Are Worse Than Deplorable And The World Knows It

Don't walk it back.

Take it to the house.

We are with you girl!
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