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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
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You Would Need To Hate America To Step Onto A Trump Property

Having your dollars support this crackpot?

Move your reservations, now.

Trump Needs To Apologize - Birther Crap

Bash him with this non-stop. His "statement" today was a joke.

Good Going Dana Bash - It's Not Over

I love it. Dana said "What was the goal of this from the Trump Campaign? The goal was to try to put a button on it and talk about other issues and move on. NOT GONNA HAPPEN".

Good for you Dana.

Trump was, is, and will always be a birther racist. I don't care what he grovels surrounded by confused heroes.

Not Gonna Happen.

CNN = Trump Just Claimed On TV Obama Was Born In The USA Then Walked Off / Context

Where's The Apology?


Racist = Period

Nothing more to say.

You are a racist, appealing to racists, and using racism in your campaign.

If there is a hell you will be in the hottest part, for eternity.

I am sure you will be telling your lies to Satan someday.

Trump, Whats With All These Military Types Who Were Serving While You Were Having Sex

and thinking avoiding STD's is the same thing as going to Vietnam and being shot at.

These people have poor judgement.

And for them to think you can "lead from the front" makes me laugh.

Here is an example of President / Commander Trump.

Let's go over here, no wait, over there, here, there, I didn't say go over there, here, there, sorry I lied about a bunch of stuff so we need to go over here and there and there too, and we better just ask for help from Putin......

Trump Is Speaking / Lying Right Now - Man, Look At All Them White People

Since he is there to apologize (maybe) for his open and undeniable racism, it is amazing that the room is filled with white folks only.

I know their "token" black person was behind him on the stage (I wonder what he was paid) but I could not see one person of color in the crowd.


Will President Trump Needlessly Kill Thousands, Millions, Or Billions?

Good question.

Let's Say You/Your Sister Gets Raped, Gets Pregnant, And Will Die Trying To Have The Child

According to her doctor, but some Trump appointed judge says she must carry the child no matter what.

Then she dies/you die.

What amazes me is the number of "young people" who don't understand what a Trump Presidency may mean to them.

If they are so unhappy with the way things are going, they need to imagine a world like "The Wasteland" on Road Warrior would be like living in. Much less complete denial of climate change.

Voting for Trump is pretty much death to thousands no matter what.

Get a clue.

Trump Is A Racist Con Man Who Lies About Everything

This should be the Democrat's main theme going forward. Democrats, start every statement/interview about the presidential election with this: "Trump Is A Racist Con Man Who Lies About Everything" You can also throw in "He never stops lying" or "Who could possibly support a racist bald faced liar" if you like. Then say "What was your question"....

Say it over and over and over and over just like his surrogates started every statement with some crap about Benghazi or e-mails.

"Why should anyone care about anything Trump says, because he is constantly lying". Try saying that over and over and over. Pound it home. Make his "supporters" choose to openly be racist, or not.

Now most of his base believe his lies when he says he will "fix things", but are racists deep down inside, so he is very popular among them. Americans, we can choose between someone who wants to ascend to power by dividing us, or someone who wants Americans to work together and solve the problems we face. After the birther crap, anyone still supporting him is a racist, plain and simple, or being a birther would disqualify him. Period.

Now Trump is going to (have to) admit Obama was born in the USA. I really don't give a rat's ass. Trump and his supporters are still racists who don't like uppity black people having a say in anything deep down inside. It's just a fact.

Now repeat.

"Trump Is A Racist Con Man Who Lies About Everything"

"Trump Is A Racist Con Man Who Lies About Everything"

"Trump Is A Racist Con Man Who Lies About Everything"

"Trump Is A Racist Con Man Who Lies About Everything"

"Trump Is A Racist Con Man Who Lies About Everything"

Never stop saying it. Say it to your friends, and people you don't know. Repeat constantly.
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