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Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, and Lie Some More - Today's Grand Old Party

The Republicans have been laying it on pretty thick for a number of years, but their constant lying is getting out of control. The press appears to finally be refuting 10% of the lies on the fly, but there is never enough time to actually "correct the record" on anything after a Republican speaks, because they lie so much.

CNN and MSNBC needs to change their format when interviewing Republicans.

They need to give the hosts equal time to point out all the lies after a Republican speaks in an interview.

When it comes to the panels, they need to let the "Clinton Supporters" say their piece, and then let the "Trump Supporters" tell their lies. Then they need to let the Clinton people refute the lies with extra time. The whole interview is spent pushing back against Republican lies, and there is no time to actually talk about real issues, or anything else of substance.

Burying the American People with lies has been the Republican strategy for years, but the pile of bs is stinking up our whole country so bad it is almost unbearable at this point.


Chirs Christie Lying On State Of The Union - When He Says "And Jake I Gotta Tell You The Truth"

It is like Trump saying "believe me".

Here is some of the lies spewing from Christie's pie hole.

"And Jake I gotta tell you the truth. If you think that anyone is gonna vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, or against either one of them based on this issue then I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the concerns of the America People".

Really? So this doesn't affect African American Voters? (barf bag needed)

He also said "After the president presented his birth certificate Donald has said he was born in the United States and that's the end of the issue"

Really? I guess Christie was asleep the last 5 years.

Jake pushed back and reminded Christie he was full of crap and Trump kept up this whole birther thing until Friday. Good for you Jake. Jake didn't have time to push back on the other lies Christie told however.

They lie so much you don't have enough time to push back.

I think CNN should do their interviewing of Republicans differently. Give them their time, and then the host gets equal time to point out the lies. Jake could only push back on one lie and then had to move on without mentioning the others. Television news.....

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.

The Grand Old Party!

Hey Christie The Birther Issue Is NOT A Done Issue And We Don't Need To Move On Quite Yet

On State of the Union Chris Christie told Jake Tapper the birther issue is a done issue, and "we need to move on to the issues that are really important to the American People".

Ok, possibly we can put the birther issue in the background.....

After the full, and believable apology from the openly (and unapologetically) racist Donald Trump.

No apology, no moving on Christie.


Trump Is Where He Is Because Of Media Distortion

From Fox News / Hate Radio distortions, to cable news pandering. Trump, or "conservatism" has never been called out for the outright fraud/s they are. Trump is where he is because of the media gushing, ready to improve ratings by televising his every rant/lie. He has an army of deplorables/imbeciles that have no clue as to how anything on our planet works, but feel "strongly" about a lot of stuff supporting him. They have been told it is Mexicans/blacks/Chinese/you name it they have to blame for their problems, but not the 1%ers and the corporations they own robbing them, and not paying their fair share of taxes.

For 30 years "they" and there are a lot of them, have been lying about the Clintons. I can count the number of lies Hillary has told on one hand. For her opponent, he does nothing but lie, and make false promises to people who have no regard for truth anyway. Trump is where he is because of the brainwashing of good people by the media, and the lack of real media calling out outright lies, and undeniable fraud.


(example) "cutting taxes raises revenue" I could go on forever, but I have to get to work.

Take it from here.....

It's Now Pure Circus And Nothing Else

For months we saw Trump suck up most of the air time by abusing other candidates, outright lies, or saying idiotic things. He won the Republican Primary because he was the best at impressing hate filled, fear filled Fox News Junkies with his constant abuse and false promises. Now we move on to the general, and it is the same old crap. For months Trump and his surrogates got to spew their nonsense without being challenged at all. Now "the media" is actually pushing back a little. Now for the point of my OP.

It is now about the circus, not discussing issues. We get two "Trump People" and two "Hillary Supporters" and they talk about the news of the day.

The Hillary People say something, and then the Trump People lie, or re-direct and lay out insane attacks, and then they get called on it by whoever, and it becomes a circus. Repeat. The Hillary People say something, and then the Trump People lie, or re-direct and lay out insane attacks, and then they get called on it by whoever, and it becomes a circus. Repeat. The Hillary People say something, and then the Trump People lie, or re-direct and lay out insane attacks, and then they get called on it by whoever, and it becomes a circus. Repeat. The Hillary People say something, and then the Trump People lie, or re-direct and lay out insane attacks, and then they get called on it by whoever, and it becomes a circus. Repeat.


It's like Crossfire full time, and it is sickening.

Pure circus.

No integrity, no honesty, just using the media to hurl baseless attacks, go on gish gallops, and tell outright lies about everything, and get their twisted nonsense message out to the Average American who are half numb because of all the circus.

Where is there any respect for truth, or honesty? Reality? Journalism?



The circus is really getting sickening.

I repeat.

The circus is really getting sickening.

Hillary Is Being Rick Rolled - Trump / Surrogates Constantly Lie But Press Says She Is Not Trusted

This is total bullsh*t. Trump's whole campaign is built on lies, and promises no one could ever keep. The media lets him, and his lying surrogates spew their nonsense non stop. Until recently the media wasn't even challenging them while they were being lied to. Now they are doing slightly better, but is that good enough?

Hillary isn't trusted right? How many unchallenged lies have been told about her in the last 30 years? Who is paying a price for telling the lies? No one. They are actually getting paid to lie, or promised "positions" or some crap.

There is zero accountability for the truth, and for this reason America is sinking in many ways. Almost half of voters don't even bother to vote it is so bad.

Hearing non stop lied makes me sick.

When it is going to end?

What can we do?

Why Do Trump Surrogates Have To Lie Constantly? Think About It

I don't see Hillary's "surrogates" lying repeatedly. I follow politics, and usually know what is going on, what is true, what is not true, and what we don't know. Then I watch an endless stream of "Republicans" go on the talk shows and lie about just about everything.

I think one of the "networks" should address this. Cooper? Rachel? Lawrence (does) Smerconish? Whoever?

I think it is a story that Trumps media mouthpieces lie repeatedly and won't stop lying.

Apology Trump?

When is it coming?

And Trump Takes Press Cameras On Tour Of Hotel Soon To Go Bankrupt

No one will want to stay in a hotel owned by an avowed racist.

Trump is toast. His properties are losing tenants like they were on fire.

If he doesn't win, he will be lucky to be left with a pair of shoes and a cardboard sign.

And Hillary Made Him Say It - Good Going

That's the best part.

The press helped, but she was bashing his with his birther crap, and they had to cover it.

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