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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
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Queen Of The Deplorables - Marsha Blackburn On CNN - Sure Can Prove Hillary Is A Birther

This sick human being (I assume) claimed she was sure she could pull up video from the 2008 Hillary campaign where Mrs. Clinton was asking Obama to prove where he was born.

I just started laughing.

The host, and Jennifer Granholm kept pushing her, asking her why she, and other Trump Surrogates keep pushing birther lies. Hillary never was a birther, and did not run a birther campaign regardless how many times the scum of the earth like Marsha Blackburn keep saying she did.

These people are sick.

Bondi-Gate/Birther/Trump Foundation Fraud/Trump U Fraud/More.... Pssst Media Don't Take Your Eye

Off the slimeball.

You have a job to do, and covering a bombing 24/7 isn't it.

Oh, and forget about the e-mails, the CGI, and Benghazi. We have a real criminal you can "investigate" instead of just pushing Republican talking points for them.

Now get to it or get a different job.

Trump Is So Happy The Media Has Something Other Than Tax Returns, Birther Racism, Lies.....

To talk about.

Sigh of relief.

The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History

Remember when Johnson declared a war on poverty, then Reagan declared war on the poor?

I do.


In America We Love Muslims Christians Jews Zoroastrians Hindus You Name It

Most Americans actually respect people of faith of all religions, and others that practice no religion at all. And for most Americans where you or you family comes from also doesn't matter one bit.

Let's not forget that even though there are hate filled Americans who loathe others not like them, they are the minority. Their numbers are getting smaller every day, even though they may be very loud. They even have a leader who is constantly in the news with dog whistles, and often a blow horn.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice" even though some may disagree, this statement stands out.

America and the world is moving forward, but it is a slow crawl.

It is up to us to make a better world for our children, and the children of others.

It is hard work, especially when corporations control the media, and a large part of our government. And the MIC hasn't gone anywhere. They need $$ too in their mind.

It is up to us to find the answers.

Get to it friends. We have a lot of work to do.

I Guess The Birther Issue Won't Go Away Because Surrogates Out There Saying Hillary Started It

Good for them!

(As heard on CNN)

And Trump will be apologizing to the president for his racist insults when?

Wow - Turned On CNN And The Hosts Are Talking About Christie Lying About Trumps Birtherism


Four Pinocchios.

They are actually calling out lies now?

What happened?

There Is Nothing Left Of The Trump Brand

The word Trump now simply means racist.

I guess he was not smart enough to figure out what spewing his racism, and division would do for his "empire".

What a fool.

And some people think he would be a good president.

Even more fools.

Most of Trump's supporters would never be able to afford to stay in one of his "places". They can't help him at all. Maybe Trump should sell all his (soon to fail) properties, and buy some beer and barbecue all you can eat buffets for his deplorables so they can get together and use the n word while eating out. They can call the new eateries "Trump's Hate Grill". They sure aren't going to pay $1,000 a night for a room in a Hate Hotel.....

Democrats Remember, They Attack Hillary Because She Is A Democrat First

Bush could get away with ignoring pre-9/11 warnings, and lying about WMD's, but boy howdy, if you have a private e-mail server you are a she-devil.

This garbage makes me sick.

If Hillary was a Republican she could drown kittens live on national TV and the Republicans would be out there saying them kittens had it comin'.

When they lie about her, they attack me, and what I believe, and fight for.

"They" don't ever want to talk about actual policies, and plans because for Republicans they all suck. They just want to attack Mexicans, gays, rape victims, minorities, and whoever they feel like attacking just to impress the imbecile deplorables.

Move On, Move On, Move On, Move On...... No!

I have been watching Republican after Republican state how we need to move on past the "birther" issue this morning on CNN. Christie, Brewer, and others.

One of the people running for president is an open racist, is appealing to deplorable racists, has been launching racist attack for over 5 years, and has now "walked it back". So we are supposed to forget all his racist crap?



The bombing in NYC is the best thing that ever happened to Trump I hate to say.

Sad isn't it.
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