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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
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Donald Trump = Unbriefable - Guest On Lawrence O'Donnell

What a great word.

You don't need anyone's opinion if you already know everything.

I like how they talked about how he answers questions. He throws out word salad using big words until he can turn the conversation back into talking about himself, or his opponent.

Keep at it Lawrence.

I have a friend that doesn't like Trump or Hillary, but says he will vote for Trump because "stuff" is so screwed up. I told him "we" both need to work together to fix "our" problems and Trump isn't the answer. Then I told him to watch Lawrence's show. Hope he listens.

He Uses A Charity To Cheat On Taxes Pay Bribes And Corporate Expenses Then....

Surrounds himself with lawyers, runs for president, and is so arrogant he thinks he won't go to jail.

This person isn't smart enough to be president.

In fact he will be doing time.

Wow - Pence On CNN Said Humans Are Changing The Climate

Maybe he should convince his running mate.....

Pence Thought Trump Did A Great Odds

I guess that's why ElectionBettingOdds.com have Hillary up 5.8% in the last 24 hours.

Pence is simply lying.

Trump blew it and anyone with a brain knows he did not look like a president.

Hillary Up 5.8% In Last 24 Hours - ElectionBettingOdds.com


This says it all.

To heck with polling "people" of which half are brainwashed zombies, or just don't give a damn.

I Spent Years Struggling After The Bush Housing Crash - Very Difficult

And then to hear Trump hoping for the collapse.....

See, I didn't go bankrupt. I just worked my ass off worried to death every day, and then finally things got better. I know it affected my health and my marriage, but somehow I (and many others) pulled through.

And Trump wanted this to happen to me.

What an asshole.

What a f-ing asshole.

To call him a vulture is an insult to birds that eat only dead stuff.

Turned On Fox - Hannity And Newt Were Trying To Out Lie Each Other

Sean, and Newt. You people are sickening, and pathetic. The "economic" garbage you spew is so provably wrong it makes me cringe to hear you babbling your nonsense.

Tax billionaires a little more, and take the money and fix stuff. This will create jobs. No amount of spin from right wing lying scum sucking bastards can change this simple obvious fact.

Giving billionaires tax cuts is the stupidest idea anyone ever had. It is even stupider than invading Iraq, and that's saying a lot.

Pictures Of Donald Trump Protesting War In Iraq

Does anyone have any pictures of Donald Trump protesting before the invasion of Iraq? I lost mine.

Since The Donald does everything for media I am sure there are thousands of photos (photo ops) of him at pre-invasion Iraq war protests. Millions around the world were in the streets (even New York) saying no war. I am sure there are photos of him somewhere.

Then again since The Donald is such a media (blank) there should be a few interviews of him spewing his "do not invade Iraq" stance on multiple shows, and to multiple media channels. Anyone got a link?

I think The Donald's view on Iraq was to sit back, not have an opinion, and let's see how it turned out so he could complain later. It's dangerous going on the record for or against something. It may not turn out all roses. A necessary quality in a Republican leader. Never put forth a plan, oppose everything "others" do, and then complain when it doesn't work out.

I am just getting ready for the endless stream of lies at tonight's debate.

Hillary supported the Iraq invasion, but I would bet my bottom dollar she thought Bush and his team of cronies, and corporate crooks would have done a better job. Her biggest mistake. Trusting the last Republican President.

Ok Donald. Soon it will be time to start lying about how you opposed the Iraq invasion. We're ready asshole.

Trump Foundation Will Be Paying Gennifer Flowers' Expenses

I guarantee it.

America Doesn't Care If Trump Is A Criminal Right?

Everyone who gives to charities understand the people running the charities can use the money to pay their own expenses right?

That's how it's done isn't it?

Give, and give BIG schumuck!

"Donald Trump Is So Happy The Media Simply Forgot....."


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