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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Lying Republican Rudy Giuliani Says Democrats Should Apologize For Calling A Racist A Racist


Say The Word Lying Before The Word Republican, Or A Republican's Name - Like "Crooked Hillary"

Remember "Lying Ted" folks? We can do it too. Ted Cruz is actually a liar. So is every single Republican every time they open their mouths. Even if they say something true, the thing the said before it, or after it will be a lie. It's how they trickfuk everyone.

Every time anyone like myself not paid to lie (like the press) has to refer to ANY REPUBLICAN they should use the word lying. Lying Republicans said this. Lying Kellyanne Conway. Lying Donald Trump.

You get my drift.

We have to hear "Crooked Hillary" from the lips of a serial scammer, fraud, and bald faced liar every day.

We can treat lying scum like they treat honest public servants. I give you permission.

Republicans are lying scum, and should be treated by the reality based community as such.

Please Rec. - <-------- By the way, I mean it. I will start using the word lying every time from now on.

Is Roger Ailes Gonna Sexually Assualt Trump's Staff Too?

Ailes: "Sleep with me or else....."

What a pick up line!

Ailes obviously can't help himself.

Just a matter of time.

By the way, where is the Ken Starr investigating the dozens of allegations?

Oh, they only do that to Democrats.

And Of Course The Media Will Treat David Bossie Like He Isn't Lying Scum

Who simply lies, and lies, and lies for a living.

Our country is so screwed.

New Rule!!! - All Reality Based People Must Use The Word "Lying" Before The Word Republican - Always

Whenever they/we use the word Republican in any way.

All Republicans are liars. Their whole platform is simply one big fat lie.

Time to make sure everyone with a working brain hears the two words Lying and Republican used together properly so they can understand. Why? Because a lot of Americans are stupid, and need simple statements to understand how reality works.

Trump Surrogate = Full Time Liar = I Have To Watch Every Night

I'm serious. I watch (I'm addicted) CNN and MSNBC every evening. The "people" that support Trump come on my television, and lie constantly. Like I don't know they are lying. It makes me sick. I don't need examples, because every person reading this understands it is true.

From now on we have to use the word lying before the word Republican. Every single time.

I know you can do it!

The Media Ignores All The Important Stuff To Show Trump Throwing Feces Around...

and making a spectacle of himself. It's like there is no other candidate running for president, unless they have some sort of scandal to attack them with.

Does Trump own these bastards?

No wonder the zombies joined the Trump Cult.

My Car Gets 162 MPG - We Can Stop Drilling Any Time Now Or Pay $20 A Gallon Plus - The True Cost

I'm not kidding. I have driven my Volt for the last year and have used 58.1 gallons of gas in my daily driver. It would be powered by the sun if I had solar access, but I have too many trees.

All this garbage about war for oil, and drilling in the Arctic, and tar sands is pure BS. We don't need to destroy our environment any more. Sun, wind, and tide energy is free.

Gas costs $15 to $20 per gallon if you count externalities. This does not even account for war, or climate change. God knows what the true cost of gasoline is.


We didn't spend $7 Trillion (counting interest) in Iraq because Saddam had sand.

No politicians are talking about this.

I wonder why.....

Why Do Trump Supporters Even Want To Live In America?

According to their cult leader Trump, America is failing, and is full of dangerous brown people. Why don't they all move somewhere else. Somewhere that they can stock up on guns and bullets, complain full time, and wear their white hoods at every party!

Oops. Just remembered. No one would take them.


The Sicker Trump Becomes, And The More Hate And Intolerance He Spews The More They Love Him

Trump: "I will fix everything."

Trump: "It is all the fault of those people over there."

This is beyond sick, but the Fox News, Rush Limbaugh hypnotized brain dead lemmings eat it up like there is no tomorrow.

America is not great, Trump is right. 40% of our country thinks a Hitler wannabe should be our leader.

Sad isn't it.....
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