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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Where Can I Buy A "Lock Him Up" Sign?


Media Never Mentions Lying Trump Is A Dirt Bag Scam Artist They Just Announce The Crazy Crap He Says

They always leave out the fact that his is a fraud, and never ever keeps a bargain.

He doesn't pay anyone, and says "sue me".

I think his whole business model is racketeering.

Press = silent

CNN Bashes Clinton And Ignores Trump's Scams Then Talks About Gap In Trustworthiness In New Poll

You suck.

You assholes create your own narrative, and I am sick of it.

Hillary isn't Mother Theresa but compared to Trump she is Jesus.

The Media Has Been Screwing Democrats For Years - We Have To Just Suck It Up Right?

They give Lying Republicans every opportunity to spew their BS unchallenged. From CNN, to MSNBC, and The Fox Propaganda Machine non-stop garbage, and propaganda.

If the "media" did their jobs, and called the slime balls on their lies, we wouldn't have Republicans.

They have to pretend to be fair, but we all know they are not.

For instance the word "conservative" means helping billionaires compound their wealth by any means possible, and nothing else. Today's "conservatives" would never vote against the interest of the Koch Brothers.

I am tired of the media brainwashing fools against my family.

CNN Says The Polls Are Tightening - Because They Won't Cover Trump's Scams / Crimes

They made their own narrative.

Lying Trump could rob every single American at gunpoint and it wouldn't be a story because they need a horse race.

This is getting sickening.

When is the last time you heard about, or watched a segment on Trump University, Trump Institute, The Bribe, or any of the other 1,000 plus slimy things Lying Trump has done?

They want a horse race, and prop up Lying Trump, and all Democrats suffer because of it.

The Corporate Media Is Screwing Democrats Being Insanely Unfair To Hillary - Push Back

They bash Mrs. Clinton non stop over e-mail garbage, and ignore the dozens of far worse actions by Lying Trump. I saw a list of "scandals" from Lying Trump's past, all far worse than the non crime of having an e-mail server. Start by bribing an Attorney General looking at prosecuting him for racketeering.

Folks, we are being screwed.

If they keep it up, the "media" needs to be taken off the air. The air waves, and land the cables cross belong to the people, not corporate masters.

News isn't supposed to be for profit, or for sport.

Trump Campaign Not Being Ran From Kremlin Any More - Feel Better?

Trump fired Manafort and replaced him with serial liars and the Klan.

I don't know what Putin will do now to weaken NATO. He may have to put his expansion plans on hold!

Feel better?

When Is Movie "Trump Cash" Coming Out? - Oops - They Only Trash Democrats - Sorry

Billionaires paying lying scum like David Bossie to make up crap like there is no tomorrow, and use the media they own to spread the lies. Make me want to puke.

Trump is a slimeball who has been running scams his while life.

Where is the movie?

The brainwashing isn't working on me.

9-11 Anniversary Coming = A Reminder Of What Happens When You Elect Republicans

Who ignore direct warnings, and only work on new ways to hand out more, and more, and more goodies to the 1%.

Trump Paid Bribe To Attorney General - Honey Badger Press Don't Give A Sh*t

We should put the entire press in jail for a week, and only let them out on bail if they do their jobs.
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