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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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What About All Those People That Support Lying Trump Because He Isn't Corrupt?

And then they they find out he is paying out bribes like it is candy at a parade?


Forget The $25,000 Contribution - Try An Illegal $135,000 Illegal In Kind Contribution - Bondi-Gate

Looks like Trump gave Bondi a $135,000 break renting the Mar A Lago Resort for a fund raiser. He charges his campaign $140,000 for use of the mansion, but only charged her $5,000.

This is also illegal.

Where is the prosecutor?


Rec the crap outa this

Erin Burnett Has A Panel On Bondi-Gate And Explained Trump Rented The $140,000 Resort For $5,000

For a Bondi-Gate fundraiser.

Erin stated "Clinton says this is a clear pay to play". Lying Trump supporter Jefferey Lord then said "I just don't think there's anything there with this".

Of course there is nothing there with bribery when it is a Republican.

At least CNN is doing the Bondi-Gate story, instead of non-stop e-mail scandal.....

From Now On It's "Bondi-Gate" and "The Bribe" So Everyone Knows What We Are Talking About

Turn on CNN.

Talking to generals, not to prosecutors.

This sucks so bad.

Miami Herald Getting In On The Action - Bondi-Gate

The Real Donald Trump


How many more bribes has he paid?

Bondi-Gate / Bondi Got Paid - Blagojevich Didn't And Is In Prison

What Bondi did, taking the (illegal) money, not investigating, and lying about the number of complaints smells real bad.

Bondi got paid $25,000 plus, plus, plus. Plus more we haven't found out about.

Ol Rod Blagojevich never got a cent, and he is rotting in prison.

Because he is a Democrat.

Trump Taxes = Link To Multiple Payoffs And Bribes

Anyone want to bet?

Bondi-Gate Is What Quid Pro Quo Is - Fact

Buying off an Attorney General.

Compared to what Blagojevich did?

He is in prison.

Time for a federal investigation.

Bondi-Gate - Open And Shut Case Of Bribery - Press? Huh? Silence?

They beat Hillary (and Democrats) full time with garbage and ignore open and shut cases of corruption.

I bet Lying Trump is bragging about how he bribed her.

His ego is that big.

The Big Dog isn't going quietly.....

Bill Clinton says Trump check was to 'pay off' Pam Bondi


Trump Has A Secret Plan To Defeat Isis - Is He Channeling Nixon?

Sound just like Nixon.

How did that turn out?
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