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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Hey Media... Heloo.... These Trump "Scandals" Are Actually Real Crimes - Wake The F Up

Imagine if it was Hillary's charity that paid the bribe to avoid prosecution.

It would be non stop 24/7 coverage.

Trump? Barely a whimper.

You suck.

Donald - The Rest Of Us Can't Defraud People And Bribe Our Way Out Of Prosecution Like You

Just thought you should know.

Trump U was a scam, and is going to trial. Crimes were committed. The bribe is a bribe, and a crime. So was the $135,000 in kind "rent reduction" for the fund raiser. Crime.

Your day is coming......

About a billion people know you bribed her to try to avoid prosecution. Just a matter of time.....

Stop Complaining Donald - If The System Wasn't Rigged You Would Already Be In Prison

Handing out bribes like candy at a parade, and then bragging about it.

Win or lose, you are going to jail by the way dumbass.

Bondi-Gate is what Quid Pro Quo is, and you are guilty as hell, regardless how much you babble and cry.

You paid, you got.


Anyone that thinks government shouldn't be corrupt will want to see you behind bars.

Anyone that thinks bribing Attorney Generals while they are investigating "someone" is ok, belongs in another country.

Lying Trump's Brain Is Rubble, Not The Generals

Don't believe me?

What is the last thing The Donald said that was 100% true?

Is Everything Lying Trump Says A Lie? 90%? 80%? Where Is The Media Doing The Math - MIA

It's one thing if it is Michelle Bachman spewing nonsense.

This is the guy who may be president, and rarely says anything that is true.

What is worse than pathological?

I know he says what his rat brain "followers" want to hear, but it is still all lies and all BS.

The lie is the story, not him babbling nonsense.

I don't care what the inhabitants of the alternative universe thinks. They are too busy petting their guns, and stitching their hoods, and finding ways to blame Obama for the problems Reagan (and Bush's) caused. Oh, and protekktin' the border. Oops, almost forgot. Bashing pregnant rape victims, and trying to take away my health insurance.

Lying Trump Is Having Sex With The Media

And Hillary is just being screwed.


Imagine if it was the Clinton Foundation that paid an illegal bribe to an Attorney General who should be prosecuting The Clintons for actual crimes, like racketeering, and fraud, and then hid the bribe, and then lied about it?

There would be no other news story for a month, and we would hear about it a trillion times a day for years.

Hillary is being screwed.

And America, and us Democrats too.

What the F can we do?

I Am Sure Lying Trump's Rat Brained Supporters Think He Did A Great Job Tonight

And then watched Fox tell everyone how great Trump did.

Matt Lauer - You're Fired

I know you are paid to make Lying Trump look good, but that performance was just sickening.

Every chimp at the zoo knew Trump was lying about opposing the war. Are you the only one on the planet that didn't know. Pathetic.

If you were a man, you would resign.

If your boss was a man, he would fire you.

I know, I know.

E-Mails is all that matters.......

That and propping up Trump so we can have a horse race, and sell some ads!

When They Screw Hillary, They Screw All Democrats - Time To Push Back Hard - Corporate Media

As they continually bash Hillary, they are screwing us all (Democrats) over.

Where would Hillary's "trustworthyness" numbers be if she wasn't constantly treated unfairly, and bashed with lies, and smears?

They (corporate media scum) spend 10 minutes talking about e-mails for every minute they talk about Lying Trump, and practically refuse to cover his CRIMES.

Trump U. is a racketeering scam crime.

Bribing Bondi is a crime.

Bribing Abbott is a crime.

The list of Trump's crimes goes on and on.

This corporate controlled media.... Something has to be done.

Every single Democrat needs to start attacking the media with both guns blazing.

Enough screwing us over.

What Do E-Mails Have To Do With Being Commander In Chief Lauer?


And did you spend 12 minutes pillorying Trump on his paying bribes?

More slanted coverage screwing Hillary and Democrats at the same time.

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