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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Hillary Went There - Thank You - It Isn't Trump It Is His Deplorables

And he has given their sickness a voice, and focus.

They are beyond sick.

And they are the problem.

I Have An Idea - Maybe We Could Take Mississippi And Alabama.....

And rename them Dumbfuckistan. They are already 3/4 of the way there. The rat brain Trump Deplorables could all move there, and do house swaps with the folks that want out. Then we could wall it off, and not let them out to spread their hate, fear, and loathing. They can keep all Mexicans, gays, Muslims, etc. out, and have circling firing squads for a national sport or something. They could even have the Confederate Flag since there would be no colored folks around to threaten with it.

Dumbfuckistan could even make gun ownership mandatory, and abortion a crime (until their daughters need one)!

Deplorable Paradise!



And we wouldn't have to waste our breath any more trying to explain to them the difference between what is true, and what is fantasy.

Without Deplorables - Trump Is Nothing - They Existed Before Him

The Fox News watching, Hate Radio listening, Alt Right website reading drooling rat brain "movement" of psychopaths were already in place. They were just looking for a leader (Fuhrer) so they can focus their HATE and loathing of everything related to social progress and economic fairness.

Trump's supporters want to sit in their pool of hate and blame others for their own misfortune, when actually their real problem is the fact that they can't look into a mirror without puking.

Many of them work hard, but are so stupid they don't realize it is the billionaires robbing them, and stashing their un-taxed cash in the Cayman Islands, and not the Mexicans/Blacks/Muslims/Gays/Immigrants etc. that is the cause of their misfortune. I guess you have to throw in the anger over the continuous loss of white/male privilege too. A real concern to rat brains. They want to have their cheese and eat it too.

Useful Idiots.

It's not like Trump Deplorables want to actually fix the problems with government. That would be work and take thought and action. It's much easier to wave a Trump sign, point their gun at someone, or burn a cross somewhere.

They need to move to their own country and name it Dumbfuckistan.

There Isn't Enough Room On The Internet To Fit An Article On Bush's Failures (9-11 Ignored Warnings)

Face it.

They would have to build a thousand new server farms to fit the article on Bush's failures.

And 40% of America thinks we need another Republican President.

This is what scares me more than ISIS.......

All This 9-11 Talk And Not One Word About The Ignored Warnings - The Media Blows

Bush was completely let off the hook. Imagine if it was Al Gore that ignored hundreds of warnings and didn't lift a finger to make us safer, and then 9-11 happened. They would have hung him.

Since it was Bush "defending us" it's no big deal.

And what else happens when you put a bloodthirsty pair of dirt bags in the White House.?

Needless war.

Economy crashes, and millions lose their homes and jobs.

Hatred for America explodes. (Abu Gharib / Naked Muslim Dog Pile / Water Boarding)

The list of Bush/Republican failures is too long to list. There is not enough room on the internet to fit the characters of an article describing Bush's failures.

Hillary Not Telling The Truth - Those Racist Homophobic Rat Brains Are America - Trump Deplorables

Years of lies and propaganda from Hate Radio and Fox Lies has made an army of drooling imbeciles. You can't even talk to these people.

They are America.

This is why we must crush them. Send them back to their caves, and under their rocks. They can surf Breitbart, and listen to Alex Jones, and watch Hannity till their Jell-o brains turn to actual water, or steam in many cases.

The rest of us have to actually fix some of our nation's problems.

For Years Trump Has Been Bragging About Bribing Politicians And Getting Favors For The Money

Wouldn't it be great if his conviction for bribing Bondi is what finally ends the practice.

Trump said he was against pay to play. Maybe serving 10 years behind bars would prove it.

Lying KellyAnne Conway Tweets About Hillary - A Laugh

Conway's tweet: One day after promising to be aspirational & uplifting, Hillary insults millions of Americans.

Hey racist rat brained terrorist Lying Trump supporters. (KellyAnne Included)

I insult you too.

You rat brained psychopaths are so stupid and pathetic you are hardly worth my time to insult.

As far as KellyAnn dirt bag, go fly a kite.

You are defending the indefensible. The certified insane whackjob who wants to start a war because someone made an unfriendly gesture. F.

Hope you sleep good at knight wondering who The Donald would nuke first......


If Hillary's Charity Paid The Illegal Bribe The Press Would Be Waterboarding Her By Now

But since it is Trump, there is barely any coverage of Bondi-Gate at all.

Where is every Democrat starting every public statement and speech talking about "the bribe" anyway?


Where losers are.

The Media Has To Ignore Trump's Crimes To Keep It Close / Blowout Would Mean Lost $$$ In Advertising

They have to bash Hillary full time, and give the Donald break after break to keep the election from being a blowout.

If Hillary is winning all 50 states like she should be, everyone would be going on with their lives, and the election would be no big deal. No ads will be sold, and all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ will be lost.

We're so screwed.

I say again. Imagine if it was Hillary's charity that paid out the illegal $25,000 bribe, and the in kind $135,000 illegal rent discount for the Bondi-Gate fundraiser. The media gaggle would be deafening. Round the clock coverage of reporters beating Hillary with baseball bats for answers. They would be waterboarding her......

We're so screwed.
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