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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Do Democrats Deserve To Win Anything?

I am serious. What if it was Al Gore that ignored hundreds of warnings to allow 9-11. If Gore did absolutely nothing after the CIA told him an attack was imminent. Did nothing. Actually stayed on vacation (probably to remain safe).

The Republicans would have hung him on the White House lawn.

I have not seen one elected Democrat mention "ignored warnings" all week and it makes me sick.

We bend over backwards to let Republicans off the hook EVERY TIME. Democrats won't even mention The Bush Years, or The Bush Disaster. Not Hillary. None of her surrogates. Bush was a disaster by EVERY MEASURE and not a single Democrat ever thinks it is necessary to point it out. We don't deserve to win anything in my opinion. Sorry, but that is the way I feel. Democrats are even afraid to say the Republicans are sabotaging our economy to make Obama fail. It is a fact no one with a working brain could deny.

I understand presidents, and presidential candidates do not normally trash each other but surrogates?

If Democrats are to afraid to talk about how bad our last Republican President was, they don't deserve to hold office.

How hard should I want to fight for, donate to, door knock and make phone calls for and help people afraid of telling the truth?

Republicans go for the jugular every chance they get, even if they got nothing. That's half the reason they have The House, and the Senate.

Time to take the gloves off.

I know "the rules" say I can't trash Democrats.

I'm not. I'm trying to help them win elections.

I Will Never Forget The Warnings Bush Ignored And Stayed On Vacation / Did Nothing

As I honor firefighters, policemen, and the others that died BECAUSE OF BUSH'S NEGLIGENCE I will never forget how my president ignored thousands of warnings and did absolutely nothing to tighten security when told and attack was imminent.

If I told you what I really thought they would take this post down. All I can say is look at what Bush / Cheney did after the attack.

I will never forget.

The Republican Party Survives On Hate - Just Ask Them

Interview a large number of Republicans, and with a few fair questions you would discover that their entire life revolves around some form of hate or another.

Hate of "others" "welfare queens driving caddillacs" "minorities" you name it. Ask them who they hate (indirectly) and the answers would surprise many. Wouldn't surprise me. I know all Republicans are rat brains.

For Years Media Ignores How Sick Republican Party Has Become - Now Can't - Great Job Hillary!

For years the Fox News watching, Hate Radio listening, red meat wanting psychopath traitors who want to see guvvmint blown up, or drowned in a bathtub, and want to see Obama (and us) fail have been able to pretend to be "THE Real Merikans". I could use a bunch more sickening words to describe modern "Republicans" (or conservatives) but you get my drift.

Now our candidate has called them out in a way the media can't ignore, even though they want to ignore how sick they OBVIOUSLY are. I mean the media gives equal time to climate change deniers, as if they deserve a seat at the (not on fire/underwater yet) table just like reality based people/pundits/supporters/politicians. The list of crazy ~vs~ non crazy equality goes on for a while too. They don't need two sides to do a story if one side is wrong/psycho.

If the media did their job accurately describing Republicans, and how they think, there wouldn't be any Republicans in office. The media let the "birthers" grandstand for hour upon hour and it was sickening. Like every second wasn't an assault on reality based Americans.

Time the media did their job.

It's not Trump as much as his rat brained supporters. In my opinion a lot more than 50% are truly sick in the head.

Thanks again Hillary. The media can't ignore the disease that the Republican Party has become any more.

Please rec folks, and thank Hillary every way possible. Someone needed to call them out, and she had the balls to do it.

CNN SOTU Just Heard "She Regrets Saying Half" - I Love It - Guest Just Says "I Will Leave It There"

Another jab "regrets saying half".

Great job Hillary.

Did Trump's Father Fred Ever Take Donald To A Klan Rally?

Has anyone ever asked him?

Zero Mention Of Pre-9/11 Ignored Warnings - I Love Our Half Media

Here's half the story.

Now here's something shiny to look at, and silly to talk about.

Stay tuned......

Calling Trump's Cult Followers "Deplorable" Is A Compliment

Face it.

Sick would be more like it.

My preferred term is from Mike Malloy.

Rat brains.

We Are Not "Good Germans" - Go To Hell Trump - Take Your Racist Friends With You

Thank god Hillary pointed out how sick "the other side" has become.

America has a lot of problems that need fixed. The people that support Trump want to make every problem we have worse.

Racism, fearmongering, hate, phobias by the dozen won't fix anything, and anyone with half a brain knows it.

Take your basket of rat brained psychopath traitor deplorables straight to hell Trump.

Thank you Hillary for telling it like it is.

Now the racists are having a sad for being called racists. Oh no.

Maybe we should call a waaaaaambulance!

Values Voter's Summit = Satan's Values Not Mine

Feed the hungry, heal the sick, clothe the naked.

None of the things the Republicans attending are interested in doing.

The Republican Party spends every waking moment working against everything Jesus taught.

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