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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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If The Klan Is Upset For Being Called Racists - Remember - They Are Still The Klan

Too bad.

Deplorables, or worse.

Deplorables is a compliment for Trump Supporters in my opinion.

Certified insane psycho traitors is more like it.

When Half Your Supporters Are As Dumb As Dirt Clods What Are We Supposed To Do Donald?

Let them run our government when most couldn't even run a lemonade stand?

Uneducated white crazy uncles. Your base.

Pathetic assholes.

Lock her up? How about locking them up in asylums......

Can You Safely Go Bankrupt When You Owe Oligarchs Donald?

What will happen to your knees if you can't pay?

Wow CNN Is Going To Talk About Trump's Foundation Scam - Did I Wake Up In Alternative Universe?

I must be dreaming......

Are They Deplorable? = Do A Poll

Ask them where the president was born, or if the ice is melting, or if the world is more than 6,000 years old for starters. Ask them if Putin is a strong leader, or if the Earth is round.......

Ask them what is causing more problems. Mexicans, or the 1% paying next to no taxes, sucking all the money out of the economy, and sticking it in the Cayman Islands. Ask them if Reagan funded Bin Laden, and helped Al Qaeda get started. Ask them of Bush ignored hundreds of pre 9-11 warnings, or if Bush did a better job as president than Obama.

From the polls I have seen, the answer is obvious.

Crazy uncles shouldn't be running our government by the way.

"Trump Is The Ultimate Crazy Uncle Candidate"


Deplorables = All Republicans In Congress / Make Obama Fail

They spent 7 years sabotaging our country, and the recovery to make the Obama Presidency a failure. Mitch even stated his number one job was to make Obama a one term president (not make our families lives better). They even admit their treason.

Deplorables = Republicans in congress.

Proof Below.


Submarine his presidency at a time we were losing almost a million jobs a month thanks to Bush.

To Them Being Called Deplorable

Is a badge of honor in their hate filled heads.

Psssst. They are saying something on Fox/Rush. Gotta tune in! Gotta get the hate on.

George Orwell.....


Hey Deplorables

Even though your hearts are black, and your hate consumes you, and you are afraid, and you think the system is rigged against white privilege, and you believe everything you hear on Fox Lies, and Hate Radio, us Democrats still care about your families.

Too bad it isn't the other way around.

You don't give a damn about anyone. "Welfare queens driving Caddillacs" are the cause of all your problems, not the low taxed 1% sucking all the money out of the economy and stashing it in the Cayman Islands.

Making Obama fail was your main mission in life, and since you failed you turn your hate towards Hillary.

Hate, hate, hate.

It's who you are.

It's all you are.

Own it.

Stop complaining.

Trump Is The Ultimate Crazy Uncle Candidate

Everyone knows about the crazy uncles. We all have them. Generally nice people where everything they think about the world around them is backwards.

Thank you Hillary for bringing our crazy uncle problem to light.

Deplorable, possibly. Worse, possibly. Depends on what family we are talking about. No one ever talks about the crazy uncles until now.

I just checked CNN and they were talking about "deplorables" (crazy uncles).


It's about time.

Throw The (Conservative Owned) Media Into The Basket Of Deplorables

For giving an equal share of time/voice to crazy, supply side, trickle down, creationist, climate change denying, racist, homophobic, anti-woman, anti-reason candidates and pundits.

When a "candidate" babbled "drill baby drill" they should have been crucified in the press. They weren't.

When a "candidate" signed the Grover Norquist never raise taxes pledge no matter how many die, or how much cash is sent to the Cayman Islands they should have been crucified. They weren't.

The list of 4th Estate crimes is as long as the internet is vast.

I am not talking about Fox Lies, or Hate Radio. They have been off the rails for decades. I am talking about the "Main Stream Media" that doesn't even want to discuss where the rails should actually be.
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