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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Bash Every Republican With Trump's Racism and Fearmongering Non-Stop

Run ads. Hold press events. Go on the stump. Slam all Republicans running for office with the fact that Trump, a racist madman is the head of their party and they won't discredit him. Even if Trump starts behaving, what's done is done.

The time is now. Hang Trump on them like concrete boots.

The more people who understand what evil the Republican Party truly stands for the better.

They have been getting away with their psycho-treason-terrorism attacking our country for too long.

The Republicans only exist for one reason. To cling to power and give favors to the rich folks funding their campaigns. They will fight to the death for billionaire tax cuts, de-regulation, and cutting services to the struggling so there is more gravy to give to the rich.

Republicans are worse than evil, and the more people that understand this the better. I don't care what Rush, and Fox Lies says the GOP stand for. Hit them with the truth. Make it so obvious even the brain dead lemmings get it.

There will still be millions of rabid, drooling, ignorant assholes supporting Trump. Make sure everyone in America understand that they are the Republican Party while they scream insults, and demonize the good, hard working citizens of this country. Immigrants are what made America Great, and no one is saying it.

Did Melania Have A Sham Marriage? Place Your Bets Here

Go on the DU record.

Yes, or no.

We may never know, but then again, we may.

County Records.

Will total the yes's and no's with a summary.

Please Rec for exposure too!

Tie (Racist Psychopath) Trump Around Every Republican's Neck Like Lead Boots

The more we talk about, and show the world "the real Trump" the more people understand what an asshole he is. Our job is to make sure regular Americans understand he represents ALL REPUBLICANS. His slime layer covers all candidates. Some people appreciate a loud mouthed, insulting, racist asshole, but the other 90% of Americans would like something better.

Trump = What Republicans Have Become

Don't let anyone forget it.

How Stupid Is Trump / Melania Immagration Fraud?

Imagine Mr. Birther himself running for president, knowing his wife had a sham marriage for immigration papers.

How stupid would you have to be to try to pull this off?

He has enough wealth and power to keep his felon wife out of jail if it is true, but how stupid would you have to be to run for president on a birther/build a wall platform.


How Long Before Melania Trump Is Arrested For Immigration Fraud (Felony)

Any guesses?

$100 Reward For Info On Melania Trump's First (American) Husband

Name, address required for reward.

I know. Wives are off limits. Just ask Bill Clinton.

Papers please Melania.......

Rush Says The Media Is "Sarah Palining" Trump = Correct

Of course he is trying to convince his ditto heads Palin wasn't an idiot, she was just portrayed that way in the media.

What do you think?

Personally I think Trump is far worse than Palin. Her racism wasn't in your face, and she only insulted "liberals" and not everyone within shouting distance.

New 50 State Strategy = Have Hillary Win All 50 States

Let's roll.....

What Day Will Trump Drop Out? Guess Anyone?

My guess is the day after it is too late to run anyone else for the GOP. Not sure what day that is......

Why facts don’t matter to Trump’s supporters

Reposted From Late Breaking News / Not News Opinion

Source: Washington Post

“arguing the facts doesn’t help — in fact, it makes the situation worse.” The reason is that people tend to accept arguments that confirm their views and discount facts that challenge what they believe.

This “confirmation bias”

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-facts-dont-matter-to-trumps-supporters/2016/08/04/924ece4a-5a78-11e6-831d-0324760ca856_story.html?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-a%3Ahomepage%2Fstory

You can't argue facts with a true believer. Sad isn't it. I saw his (David Ignatius) interview on CNN. Explains a lot of behavior we see. To hell with facts, I will believe what Fox News tells me is true!!!!
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