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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

Journal Archives

Trump Campaign - Like Watching 3 Train Wrecks Simultaneously

Only way I can describe it.....

The hits just keep on comin'!

I hear the Libertarian Party is hiring.

Corey Lewandowsky Waited Until The Perfect Time To Use His Knife

It isn't pretty, but I don't know a better way to describe it.

"Social media erupts as Lewandowski tweets report on Manafort's ties to Ukraine"


And they complain about Hillary. Make me want to laugh/puke.....

Why I Had A Personal E-Mail Server Explained

We can all guess why Hillary "made a mistake" and had a personal e-mail server. I think I know why, and it is not a mistake. Hillary could tell what I think is the truth, but she won't because she behaves like a president, and that is ok. I think this is what she could say if she decided to spill the beans, and I bet I am not far off.....

"I have been attacked relentlessly with baseless lies, and bogus "political" investigations for over 30 years. I also knew what would happen if a Republican in the State Department was able to view any of my communications which they could use to attack me in any way. I am sure any given Republican would risk national security to attack my family, as they have done exactly that for decades. The only way I could do my job keeping America safe, and looking out for America's interests was to make it impossible for Republicans to view any of my communications. In a perfect world Republicans would put America's security first, but we all know that is not the world we live in. I am sorry it had to be this way, but it had to be this way. I will continue to keep America safe with, or without the help of Republicans. I do wish however Republicans who have actually come forward and voiced their opinions about Donald Trump get credit where credit is due."

How many agree this is most likely the real truth?

Trump Surrogates / Conservative Commentators = Paid Liars

I can't stand to watch them any more. All they can do is lie about what Donald said, and lie about what Hillary has done, and will do.

They are simply paid liars. Someone is paying them to tell their lies.

Makes one wonder what is really going on......

Trump's Business MO = Fraud - Ignore Contracts

He is a serial fraudster, and I doubt he ever kept his word in any deal.

At what point does not paying people amount to a crime?

It is FRAUD.

Tell CNN/MSNBC We Are Sick Of The Lies - Tell Them Now

I turn on "the news" and see Trump Supporters basically lie their asses off.

It makes me sick. Really Sick.

They should not be able to lie, and spew their baseless accusations to millions.

C'mon CNN Do Something About It!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Isn't Corrupt So All They Can Do Is Lie - Vast Right Wing Conspiracy In Action

When Bill was president "the opposition" had 2,400 interconnected "news" outlets attacking him in unison. They faxed out the hit piece every day, and all the outlets blathered the same nonsense at the same time. It was very effective. Whatever the lie of the day was, they broadcast it with their conservative megaphones. The shit for brains "conservative supporters" believed every word because since thy heard about it on tv, radio, and on the interwebs, and in their e-mails it must all be true.

Almost all of it wasn't true.

But we all know conservatives don't care if what they believe is true or not.

They are conservatives.

They have shit for brains.

"Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are… Conservative"


Is Hillary Clinton One Of The Cleanest Politicians In History? - Rec Bait

For months, and years I have watched baseless ridiculous non stop attacks on the Clintons. Lately I see the Trump People constantly blathering baseless nonsense about e-mails, Benghazi, CGI, and the rest. Then I realized something.

Is this all you got?

They have been screaming "corruption" at the top of their lungs for almost 30 years, and they got nothing but speculation. Zero proof.

In my opinion Hillary must be one of the least corrupt politicians in history.

Now there is a story line CNN.

They got nothing.

Where Are Trump's E-Mails? - Fair is Fair - They Will Show He Is A Fraud

I am sick of the non stop demanding of Hillary's every email since the beginning of time.

Where are Trumps?

Where is the media even asking him for his e-mails?

Trump has done nothing but rob people for years, screwing contractors, and banks. The e-mails would obviously show this to be true. Speculation? Maybe, but I would bet a thousand dollars they would show he is basically a thief.

Donald, release your taxes, and your e-mails.

Don't expect fair anyone.

Trump Supporters - Blame The True Cause Of Your (economic) Problems - RONALD REAGAN

The only thing that trickled, was your wealth going into the Cayman Islands bank accounts of the 1%ers.

By design.

Trickle Down was a Trojan Horse according to it's designer.


Stop blaming Obama.
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