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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Trump: (POC) What Have You Got To Lose?

Hmmmm. Let's see.

How about health care?

Go to hell Trump.

The Democrats Need Their Own News Channel Where They Can Tell The Truth

Just like Fox, except for a no lying rule.

We then wouldn't need to suffer right wing operatives babbling insane nonsense to get "the other side" of a one sided story.

CNN My God - Guest Complaining Because Fact Checkers Say Republicans Lie More

Just woke up and turned on CNN. Some girl guest claimed she was upset because the fact checking organizations were claiming that Republicans (Trump) lied more than the Democrat (Hillary).


I don't know. Maybe because everything about the Republican Party is pretty much fabrication I ask?

Here is the truth. Every single thing any Republican says other than "I am here to help my wealthy donors rob the poor, and less powerful" is basically either a lie, or a culture war distraction. (plus pandering to gun wavers)

Name one single thing the Republicans truly stand for that is better for my family than it is for the Koch Brothers.

I dare you.

Trump Campaign Is Brilliant - Not Kidding

Donnie wanted to be president (we think). Since he spent his whole adult life screwing people, he is surrounded by rocks with slimy things under them. There are thousands of folks ready to tell their "I got screwed by Trump" stories. Now for the strategy.

In order to keep the press from looking under rocks, Donnie keeps spewing nonsense. The press spends all it's time talking about how nonsensical his statements are, instead of looking at what he has done in the past. Who he screwed, when, and where, and how bad.

Brilliant. Spew nonsense non stop.

Trump's Numbers Will Continue In Free Fall - Guaranteed

Most here know Trump started as a birther racist, and went lower every day. He is truly scum. Now the media spotlight is on him, and his "game" is being exposed. Every day more people realize what a piece of slime he truly is. There is no way he can "pivot" or change the fact that deep down inside he is a piece of human garbage. He may be a great salesman, but the smell is overpowering..... And getting worse. And they haven't even started investigating all his scams, and the thousands of people his scams/fraud hurt. He makes mobsters look good.

I know some people like him because they like arrogant, nasty assholes, but that is only the people who watch Fox, and listen to Rush. Most of America does not fall in that category, and are learning about the real Trump, and it is making them sick. Even Republicans who have no soul, and lie for a living can't stand him. Now that is something.

Say what you want Donald (Fuhrer). The gig is up. Even Putin's man can't save your sorry lying sick ass.

Horrifying Thought - Having Trump And His Supporters Running Our Country

The only thing between this reality, and a better future for our world is us. You and I.

How many of you have contacted your 50 non-voting friends to make sure they voted against barbarism, even if they don't like Mrs. Clinton? That is what it will take. A landslide or oblivion.

"Michael Moore: 5 Ways to make sure Tump Loses Bad"


It's Not Trump It Is His Followers - Wake Up Darnit

Without the "followers" to appeal to, Trump is nothing. We need to stop attacking Trump, it is what he stands for that is what is bad. He is them. He appeals to them. He only says what they want to hear. He was mean and sadistic, and bullied the other 16 in the primary and got their support because he was a louder bigger asshole. By a long ways. Calling them names non-stop. It was sickening, but his barbarian followers loved every second of it.

Time to turn our attention to the brain dead zombies that support the Lying Cheeto, and not simply blame Trump. The problem is far larger than just Trump. It is the psychopaths he appeals to.

Get on it.

Gary Johnson / Libertarian Ideas = Pure BS

I watched Thom Hartmann describe what ideas the Libertarian Johnson has. They are as bad as the Republicans. From privatization to de-regulation, and more. Pure insane bull that would destroy our nation in a dozen different ways if tried. Unlimited campaign contributions? Gimmee a break.

Johnson is just another nut case. Let him and Trump split the whacko vote, and the rest of us can fix what is broken in America, starting with getting the money out of government and elections.

What Would Happen If Manafort Worked For Hillary?

The press would be 10 times as interested.

Trump is right.

The media does suck.

"Manafort named in Ukrainian probe into millions in secret cash - updated 1:43pm et"


Manafort $12 Million In Cash - Should Be Top Story - Isn't - Corrupt Media? Really? - Bull -

What would the press be talking about if it was Hillary's campaign manager who took over $12 million dollars in cash from a corrupt Putin puppet who had to leave town?

The press is corrupt, but not in the way Donald thinks.

The press mines the Trump problems because the pay dirt is so rich. Everywhere they dig they hit gold. Nuggets the size of footballs.
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