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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Have You Got Your 50 Non Voting Friends To Promise To Vote Against Trump?

Like Michael Moore said to do?


I am working on my 50.

Is Manafort A Traitor?

Working for Putin/Yanukovych to pressure NATO out of Ukraine. I wonder how many American soldiers were injured by the bricks being thrown at them at Manafort's request..... Anyone got a number of the casualties?


Seems like the media forgot about this dude.

Imagine if it was Hillary's campaign manager working for Putin......

The Media Sucks.

Is Manafort A Traitor?

Is My Real Hatred For Republicans Justified?

I hate Republicans. I hate who they are, what they say, and what they stand for. From the outright lies, to the fake christian crap. To the justifying of lying for war, to defending presidents who ignore hundreds of warnings before a major attack. From gerrymandering to voter suppression. For appointing judges that are Republicans first, and overseers of the law last. For defending people that out undercover CIA operatives. Did I say the endless stream of lies? The list is endless.

I truly hate ALL REPUBLICANS. In my opinion there are no good Republicans. Some are of course worse than others.

Am I wrong to hate them? I ask myself this question from time to time, then I watch some Republican bragging about repealing my health care, or how many needy families they kicked off of food stamps.

What do you think?

Why I Have To Support Hillary - The Attacks Have Been Sickening For Years

I am a Bernie guy, but don't really have anything against the Clintons. They are not any more "crooked" or dishonest than any average politician anywhere. Now for the reason for this op.

The attacks that Hillary (and Bill) have had to endure for years have been so sickening, over the top, and disgusting, it makes me want to SUPPORT HILLARY EVEN MORE. LOTS MORE.

The millions upon millions of attacks on the Clintons for the crime of being Democrats boggles the mind.

I "opposed" Bush because of what he did, not just because he was a Republican. In them days Republicans weren't as sickening as they are now. I am talking about the days before Bush started his wrecking crew on our nation. We learned real quick who he was, and boy it wasn't pretty.

I don't care any more if Hillary said something that wasn't true, and never cared if she had her own server. If I had to endure the attacks like she does on a daily basis I would have 100 personal e-mail servers. They can all go to hell. The attacks of "her enemies" are so sickening, it actually makes me sad that there is so much evil in the country I love.

Hillary, you go girl. I am with you 110%. I ordered a Hillary bumper sticker today, and will put it next to my Bernie bumper sticker.

Remember, when they attack Hillary, they attack all Democrats. That is the mo, and I am sick of it.


Gerrymandering Is What Is Killing America

In order to win a Republican primary, a candidate in a gerrymandered district has to oppose all legislation that might help Obama fix the problems Bush, and Republicans left him. Republicans must "make Obama fail" to impress the average pea brained Republican primary voter to win. This is our country's number one problem.

This sucks.

People Who Voted For Bush Calling Obama A Failed President

What planet are they from anyway?

This crap on CNN makes me sick.

Landslide Needed: Because Of What Trump Represents - We Need To Push Back The Barbarians

It's not easy to describe the people who support Trump. For whatever reason they think this racist jerk should be our next president, nothing he does really matters to them. They "feel" they need to support him regardless how sickening his behavior. These folks are Americans, and their opinion does count. However.....

They should not have a say in how our government operates. Whether it is fear (of losing privilege), racism, frustration with their financial situation (and they don't blame Reagan the true cause) or whatever it is, well too bad. They "align" with something so sickening, there is no word to describe it.

Trump supporters in my opinion are barbarians, and even though I care for them, and their families, and have hope for them, they need to be taught a lesson. That is how people learn.

They, and the EVIL/LOATHING they represent need to be crushed. Humiliated. Sent packing.


Then "they" can return to the autopsy Republicans had when Romney lost, and figure it out. Again.

The rest of us have a lot of REAL problems we need to fix. Climate change, wealth distribution, lack of medical care for millions, pollution, endless conflict, influence of money in government, and much much more. And then more.

When the psychos come out of their zombie like state, they can once again have a seat at the table. Till then, they need to be crushed. I don't care what they read at Breitbart or what their pea brains think is real.

Trump Supporters Know They Are Psychopath Assholes Supporting A Pathetic Liar

Just ask them. They know.

They don't care.

Thank you Fox/Rush/Hate Radio.


Who Else Would Love To See Republicans Get What They Deserve?

After 30 or more years of fighting culture wars, open racism, helping the wealthy rob Working Americans, climate change denial, endless conflict, promoting and celebrating ignorance, along with voter suppression, and economic treason who will celebrate when the GOP finally gets what they deserve?


Amy Holmes: "Kellyann Conway Is A Reasonable Lovely Person" --- BULL!!!

Amy, get lost. Here is the - REAL TRUTH - Kellyann Conway is a "conservative" who thinks it is fine to take away millions of people's healthcare, take food stamps from starving children, and remove regulations from corporations so they can poison their workers, customers, and environment at will. Who thinks climate change should be ignored, and taxes on billionaires need to be cut.

Hey media, what conservatives like Kellyann, and Amy Holmes are selling is basically murder, death, and destruction. They would kill their own parents if they thought it would benefit them politically. They belong in asylums, not on Cable News spewing their propaganda.
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