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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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900 Million Spent Buying Influence And Not One Peep From The Media - CGI Coverage Of Nothing NonStop

It is sick.

The Kochs actually buy politicians by the dozen, and they are never mentioned, but collecting money and saving lives, it's like the end of the world.

F You CNN and Scarborough. You suck.

Do a story on what 900 million buys you when spent on politicians.

Like zero pollution regulation for the Kochs?????

My Gawd I Hope Everyone Watched Glenn Beck on Lawrence O'Donnell Tonight (Must See)

Glenn has been against Trump since the beginning. What he said was mind blowing. Not in the normal way, but it makes perfect sense. Then he talked about his "callers" and their threats towards Trump. Plenty more.

You must see this.

Please someone find me a link.

The Koch Brothers Owe America / The Planet $10 Billion Dollars

Koch Industries "externalities" (pollution) are not being cleaned up. The Kochs make the money, and then not clean up their mess. Then they give their "profits" to Republicans to make sure they never have to pay to clean up their pollution.

This is corruption on steroids.

Zero Republicans have ever voted to hurt the Koch Brothers bottom line.

I will be $10 billion would not even clean up their mess.

"How Big Business Robs Us With "Externalities" "


Republicans Take 900 Million From The Koch Brothers, Then Complain About Donations To A Real Charity

Saying it must be corruption. We need a special prosecutor!

This is beyond sick.

This is beyond pathetic.

This is vomit producing.

Call your local media and scream at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billionaires - Gimmee Money For My Campaign So I Can Complain About You Giving

Money to a charity after I am elected.

Sound cool?

This is beyond sickening.

Either we get ALL the money out, or we shut up.

Clinton Global Inititive Saves Lives - Trump Robs Contractors - Perspective

Yes folks, let's put it in perspective.

Thousands / millions of lives saved with the money raised by the big dog, and his helpers.

I call that good.

Why Do Conservatives Think They Can Lie But Liberals Know We Don't Have To?

After watching Kellyanne for a few minutes, I thought of something. Why is it that "conservatives" or better yet Republicans lie their asses off, and liberals, and Democrats don't have to lie. Ever.

Why does the media not report this easy to verify fact?

Conservatives have no problem lying. I never have to lie about politics, or my positions, or my policy choices.

All facts support my positions.

Is Trump Ill? No Medical Exam Has Been Done On Him. Why?

Where is your exam Donald?


Let's Play Hardball - If You Voted Against Sandy Aid Your District Waits 30 Days For Relief

If you don't like big guvvmint, and vote for anti-guvvmint right wing nut jobs for congress, don't complain if big guvvmint ignores your dumb asses for a while when it floods.

All the Republican congress scum that voted against Sandy Aid can simply have their constituents wait for their aid.

That'll learnem.

It's like all the anti-aborting zealots who scream at the top of their lungs baby killer, until their teen gets knocked up. Then it's off to the first doctor then can find.
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