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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Millions Of Legal Voters Being Purged From Rolls - But Who Cares Right?

We can't win if we can't vote.


Where is the outrage?

Nowhere, that's where.

Republicans Say It's A Scandal So It's A Scandal Right CNN/MSNBC?



Maybe if Hillary spent decades robbing people they would cover that?

Oops, that's the other guy.

Dumbass Republican Lying About Hillary Again On CNN - Stop It Assholes

Republican jerk Jack Kingston a Trump Campaign Adviser just claimed Hillary wants to bring in 620,000 refugees "Unvetted". Rally? Unvetted? And claims she is talking about "open borders" too.


If I had to defend a walking pile of human feces like Trump I would be lying too.

To myself.

Jack Kingston you are a bald faced liar.

Simple - Trump = Republican / Republican Policies = Bad For All Minorities

Ok Donald. Let's have the conversation about policies since you mentioned Hillary's (bad for minorities) policies.

Giving tax cuts to billionaires, and corporations, and de-regulation are Republican policies, and do nothing to help the struggling.

So now let's have the conversation about policies dumbass.

My gawd. You are beyond stupid.

The Klan Isn't Alt Anything

They are the Klan.

And Trump's base......

Conservative = Liar

Plain and simple.

The worst thing, is they probably believe their lies. Their brains are shorted out.

Fuhrer Don Stopped Beating Up On Jews er.... Mexicans

And now he wants their vote!

Anything smell funny to you folks?

But but but but what about the wall!!!!

After Urinating On POC and Latinos For Decades Republicans / Don The Con Asks For Their Vote

This is beyond sick. Ever since Nixon's southern strategy, the Republican Party has opposed every single legislative measure that might help minorities get ahead. The only thing the Republicans want is de-regulation, and tax cuts for the wealthy, and corporations. I forgot, war.... They oppose everything else from the point of shutting down our government, to denying medical care for the less fortunate. The list goes on FOREVER.

Now Republicans want POC/Latinos to vote for them?

I am going to be sick.

Media Showing What Clinton Global Inititive Actually Does? - Not On Your Life!!!

Our media needs to spend their time propping up Don the Con, trashing Hillary every chance they get with 99% bogus crap. E-mails that show nothing wrong, and a foundation that saves lives by the score. All to keep it a horse race for ratings. Insane.

Message for media. Donald Trump couldn't run a lemonade stand without going bankrupt, and he wants to be president. Helloooooo.

Millions of lives have been improved by the money Bill and his friends collected from the world's wealthy for the CGI. Money they would probably never give if it wasn't for the big dog asking for it. Now you pretend it is a problem. CGI saves lives by the million, as if that matters.

Our media sucks beyond belief. It SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the 2 billion a year spent lobbying in Washington, anyone that thinks the wealthy and corporations can't "contact" a politician is living on another planet. Ones that give to CGI and ones that simply pay lobbyists to push politicians around bribing them with campaign contributions like the Kochslime. The game is the game. Either we get - ALL - the money out, or we stop complaining.

Look At All Them Koch Commercials On TV - Buying Press Silence - Sickening

Ever wonder why the Koch Brothers advertise on TV? It's not to get people to buy their products. It is for their "image" you might think.


They are bribing the news networks to not investigate what they get for the money they bribe politicians with. $900 million handed out for political favors. Plus their 100 astroturf organizations spewing lies 24/7. "Think Tanks" garbage.


Welcome to Amerrikka.

Campaign contributions are legal bribes, and no one bribes more politicians with more money than the Koch polluting bastards. They just don't want the press to say anything while their pay to play poisons our families, and our planet. They are one of the world's leading polluters, and you never would know it.


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