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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Trump Is The Republican Brand - Accept It GOP

Seriously. After 7 years of 100% obstruction (to creating jobs), needless investigations for political reasons, and outright lies, who better to represent the millions of angry "conservative" imbeciles than Trump? The brain dead Republican army have Fox and Rush feeding them with non stop lies, and distortions 24/7. They can go into their bubble where up is down, climate change is a hoax, and giving tax breaks to billionaires creates jobs, and argue that it is all true because they heard it on Fox.

Trump represents the GOP Brand. They created him, by building their brand of angry zombie jerks, and getting them to all vote in the primaries. All Trump had to do was follow Hitler's easy to follow play book, after Fox and hate radio created the unrest.

The GOP/Fox/Hate Radio created millions of Sarah Palins'. Any attack on any Democrat is fine in their book. Now deal with it assholes.

Trump is You GOP.

Rec if you agree.

Trump Got A Purple Heart - Remember The Purple Bandages Mocking John Kerry's Bravery

Republicans are actually sick.


Voting To Repeal Obamacare = Attempted Murder

Why does no Democrat (besides Alan Grayson) talk about it?

Why do they want to take away my health care insurance?

I have problems.

Trump Can't Handle Criticism - Why Does He Even Want To Be President?

I mean, he can't handle even a little criticism. Zero. Nada. None. Zilch.

Why the hell does he want the number one job people criticize?

Just realized this today.

Well, it's a mystery.

Khizr Khan Is Telling/Showing The World How Many Real Americans Respect His Family And Values

And most of us "Real Americans" don't care what the rabid Trump supporters think as they drool all over themselves.

I just watched him on CNN thanking all the people who have reached out to him, and put flowers on his son's grave.

What a class act.

And to think "some" Americans think "They All" whoever they all are are all terrorists.

Imagine, a Muslim loving America, in spite of the Trumps of this country.

Whoda thunkit.

Did Bill Clinton And Trump Cook Up This Whole Mess To Guarantee A Hillary Victory?

I heard a rumor the big dog, and Don the Con cooked this scheme up smoking cigars atop Trump Tower.

The plan is working perfectly if they did.

Thank You Gentlemen.

Having Private E-Mail Server = Bad / Lying About WMD's = OK

In Republican upside down world, ya gotta keep things straight.

Oh, and I forgot. The naked Muslim dogpile, and waterboarding, no problem.

Republicans luv them some torture.

Forgot about the ignoring of hundreds of Pre-9/11 warnings too.

How could I forget?

What is it the right winger told me? "No one could have seen it coming" he said. I guess he meant no one but the CIA, the FAA, and just about every other agency who reported WE ARE GONNA GET HIT.

But that's all good right GOP?

Screwing Vets Is What Republicans Do - Get Used To It

Happy Veterans Day? 5 Times Republicans in Congress Screwed Veterans


Not to mention needless war for oil, sold with lies about WMD's.

Donald, Hillary Isn't Crooked

The entire system is crooked.

If you want to get ahead in today's current government, you have to play the pay to play game. It is how it works.

If HRC is crooked, then how about all the folks taking the 900 Million in Koch money? They aren't crooked too? Where is the outrage over that? Thought so. What Republican took Koch money, and said the Koch's should have to pay to clean up their pollution? You know, the pollution the rest of us have to pay to clean up.

The entire system is rigged for the benefit of the 1%.

Not "Crooked Hillary".


Trump Won't Be The Nominee

Weeks ago I bet my friend (a Trump Supporter) $100 Trump won't be the one on the ballot in November.

No way Trump will be able to endure being crushed by HRC, and every day it looks more likely that will happen. Now he is the nominee they/we have 98 days to go through every dirty deal, and list all the people he screwed until the election. Hillary, on the other hand, has already been assaulted with every lie, and distortion, and every once in a while an actual action she actually took has been mentioned. There is no real new news there.

Hillary, for all her faults has done a lot of good for a lot of people. Donald has only helped himself. Won't be hard to sell that.

They will replace Trump. More rats are jumping ship every day.

By the way, my friend went double or nothing. If Trump is on the ballot he bet me $100 he will win.

How's them odds!
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