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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
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Rachel Maddow Take A Leave Of Absence Till The Primaries Are Over

You should not even pretend to be a journalist any more.

I mean it.

You are so Pro-Hillary and Anti-Progressive watching you gush over Hillary makes me want to vomit. I stopped watching your show. I can't take it any more.

Just take a leave of absence, and go to work for the Clinton Campaign officially, and when the primaries are over, you can go back to doing real news, not propping up a horrible train wreck of a candidate.

Just ask yourself Rachel. If the entire establishment, and the entire media wasn't supporting Hillary, how many delegates would she have? If journalists actually did journalism, and looked into the favors Clinton Foundation donors got. Forgot to forget about Mark Rich. I mean what would happen if someone did real journalism at MSNBC? It would blow people's minds now wouldn't it? Ain't gonna happen.....

Leave Rachel, before I puke.

Rince Priebus Talking About Trump's "Fans"

So I turned on CNN and 'ol Rince was talking about people waiting in line to see "The Donald". What I heard him say made me sick, like usual. His words were that Trump fans were "Angry with a president that hasn't delivered".

So let me get this straight. Since the moment president Obama was sworn in the Republicans have done every thing possible to make him "fail". This mean blocking every single action that might create jobs in America. They wanted to make PBO a "one term president" according to 'ol Mitch, remember? Some call it opposition. I think what they did when our country was literally burning down after the Bush Economic Disaster amounts to treason.

I don't really give a rat's ass about people so stupid they think Trump is anything other than a sick joke. So Trump fans are angry..... At what? The fact the Tea Party didn't destroy government and drown it in a bathtub while their Social Security checks are still good? The fact that there are still Muslims alive on the planet? The fact that PBO had trouble cleaning up the mess Bush left after an economy melting down, to a blown to bits Middle East, much less a collapsing environment/planet?

The fact that there is not a greater call to hang EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN FOR TREASON amazes me.....

Politicians Won't Have To Spent 3/4 Of Their Time Raising Money If Sanders Wins

If Bernie wins, and can enact real campaign finance reform, which I see as public financing of elections things will change. Politicians will be working on fixing problems and calling and working with constituents with their time, instead of constantly calling rich people begging for money.

What a country we could have.....

"Call Time For Congress Shows How Fundraising Dominates Bleak Work Life"


When they are not in their offices dialing for dollars, they go home to private and public fund raisers.

We Need Campaign Finance Reform.

For The First Time In A Long Time I Now Have A Little Hope

I was working in my yard this afternoon on a nice sunny day in Seattle, and some dude walking by saw my Bernie sign and gave me a thumbs up. He stopped to talk for a minute and I found myself saying something I have been thinking about and talking about for the last month.

I told dude that every single thing related to our planet has been going to shit for a while now. Because of the energy I see at some of the rallys, and the conversations now going on, I have found new hope. From watching the climate collapsing, to seeing economic disparity I had really felt hopeless for quite some time. I guess this feeling of hopelessness is what happens when you begin to grasp the impact of climate change, and other things. The valley where I grew up the whole stinking area burned the last two summers.

I haven't thought our world could possibly turn around for a long time. Just look at Crazytown. (the Republicans)

I now have at least a little tiny bit of hope for the future.

At least that's a start.

In A Way, Bernie (And America) Has Already Won

The conversation has finally REALLY been started about money in politics, and the fact that the oligarchs run our government for their, and only their benefit.

The Revolution Has Started.

Now as Bernie has said, it is not about him, it is about us.

Regardless the outcome of the "primaries" the millions of us who are tired of being robbed by a rigged system are not going away. In fact "The Revolution" will keep growing regardless of who makes it to the White House.

Of course with Bernie as president, change will be easier......

Now that is up to us.

What About What Susan Sarandon Said Regarding Trump And The Revolution?

Neither she or I wold ever vote for Trump, who is everything bad about America in one person.

Arrogance, intolerance, and privilege. I won't go on, that's for another OP.

If Trump were elected, and the crazies got to destroy our government of course millions, if not billions would suffer.

Now here is the question. Once Americans finally got fed up with living in Crazytown, could we actually build a better country? The way things are going now, we are slowly sinking, with the 1% sucking everything out of our economy and piling it in their offshore accounts. Not to mention the devastation across the planet in a dozen different forms.

Would electing Trump, and literally blowing up this country (which is what the Tea Party dreams of) bring about what Susan called The Revolution, leading to a better world long term?

I think this is a fair question......

Rec If You Are Sick Of Our Pay To Play Corrupt Governemt Ran By The Oligarchs

For the first time I see thousands of people standing up to what they and I see as a completely corrupt government. I call it the gravy train.

Every single major piece of economic legislation benefits the "haves" and not working class, or poor Americans.

Don't even talk about the environment.

If you are one of the many standing up for real change, and want money out of politics please rec this OP.

I am extremely pleased by what I see, like the sheer numbers at the rallies in Seattle.

I think the oligarchs are starting to lose, and they won't be happy. They will also do "what is necessary" to hold onto their death grip on our government. It won't be pretty......

You Know What I'm Sick And Tired Of?

I am sick and tired of politicians taking all that money from the rich and powerful, corporations, and their lobbyists.......

And telling me it doesn't influence them.

Actually beyond sick and tired.
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