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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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How Many Million / Billion Will Die Because Of The Drill Baby Drill Climate Change Deniers?

The Great Barrier Reef is 1/2 dead, and expected to be extinct soon. 1/4th of the planets species extinct by 2050. The list is long.


Why do we not treat Republicans like terrorists?

Their "plan" is to kill millions, or billions on behalf of their funders.

How many will have to die at the hands of the Republican Party?

Were Electronic Voting Machines Hacked? - Did Hillary Actually Win All Those States?

I read a few reports about certain machines not surviving an audit used for primary voting in Illinois.

Then there's this...


The (primary) votes were counted by "The Party" and reported.

What could go wrong there?

It is amazing where there were caucuses, and voting was open to inspection, Bernie won overwhelmingly.

Maybe there is no cheating.

From what I have seen in the past (Don Siegelman) I don't trust "The Party" to do anything fair in the coronation of their chosen queen. I would bet everything I own that the votes "reported" were not what was cast.

Conspiracy? Maybe, but from what I've seen, election fraud is to be expected. You vote, and the counters tell you who won with their secret, non open source, easily hacked garbage software. Sounds perfectly fair right? Zero verification in many areas.

We're so screwed.

Do You Trust Electronic Voting Machines? Really? Bet Your Life?

I am convinced electronic machines are being used to manipulate elections and are hacked, or their totals changed constantly.

There is enough proof of this to fill the Library of Congress.

Democrats don't seem to give a damn.

Our votes don't count and most of us know it.

I could provide about a billion links, but what I am trying to say is.....


There is no point in voting on electronic hacked, misreporting, crappy, not open source code machines.

Democracy = Dead

Tackle Climate Change / Jump Start Economy - Create Jobs

"Tackling Climate Change Could Jump-Start The Economy"


I am sure the Republicans want us to burn baby burn.... Drill baby drill! Fry baby fry.

Die baby die.

Time to fix this and create jobs at the same time.

Just Because Corruption Is Legal How Do We Justify It? How Should We Stand For It? Allow It?

Watching the go around on CNN this morning I heard the concept of "legal corruption" explained.

This is my take.

The law says it is legal for any economic terrorist to "help" any candidate of their choosing with as much money as they feel necessary to "influence" them. They can buy influence, or threaten a candidate with buying someone else to primary them, or simply fund attacks on them. Said filthy rich folks don't even have to let us know it is them that is buying influence, or paying for the attack ads.

And it is all perfectly legal.

What the F are we to do? It is a lot deeper than just Citizen's United.

Legal Corruption......

Democracy Is Dead Folks (America)

Unless we can get the money out of politics, America is not a Democracy. It is an auction. It now appears that the next president will welcome more money in politics, and will definitely not fight tooth and nail to remove it.

Jefferson, Washington, and Adams are having a sad.

It is now up to us.


Democracy Spring or Bust.

Who's on board?

Wind and Solar By Far The Cheapest Energy

Read the article. When counting externalities wind and solar by far the cheapest energy.

"Counting all costs, wind and solar are the cheapest"


Buuuuut. Drill baby drill right?

Clair McCaskill Talking About Bernie On Morning Joe

I love it when she said "Bernie has not been willing to compromise on much".

She doesn't get it.

Compromising, in a "modern" Democrat's mind means giving the Republicans 90% of what they want, and moving at light speed to an Oligarchy with every act.

Time to start moving the needle back in the other direction Claire, ya think?

Time for the Fascists and Corporatists to compromise, not the handful of people that actually care about the 99%, instead of the profits of the 1%.

By the way Claire, the "crime bill" was horrible, and hurt millions, but did have some "good stuff" that had to be supported.

This is how legislation works. You give one group stuff, and screw another group with less power, and sell it as "good". Time to stop selling us crap.

We have had enough crap Claire.

Bernie, Scare The Crap Out Of Them - Call For Full Mossack Fonseca Investigation Immediately

Call for forcing Mossack Fonseca to turn over "everything" and if they don't throw them in the smelliest 3rd world jail on the planet until they comply. People die while the filthy rich rob them.

The "rulers" who run our lives, and our government would crap their pants.

"Massive leak reveals offshore accounts of world leaders"


All Banking Should Be In The Open Worldwide

Not for the public, but for the police, FBI, CIA, Interpol etc.

Let's say any account with over $1,000,000.

Kinda sounds scary, but they lie, cheat, and steal, and then hide the loot.

If the $$ was out in the open, it would have to be reported, and if it is a criminal enterprise it will be over.

Hiding money, 10 years in the slammer. Bankers, lawyers, and crooks (same thing).


Remember non of Enron's lawyers or accountants went to prison.

The whole system is crooked, and rigged.

Had enough yet?
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