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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Will Hillary Prosecute Banksters?

If (when) the Wall Street gang commit crimes, has she said for the record she will prosecute them to the full extent of the law?

Or is that just for the rest of us.....

I supported, and still support president Obama.

He didn't bring a single banker to justice though.

Will Hillary next time they rape and pillage our country?

Put her on the record.

Republicans Are Crybabies - Oh The Moderators Asked Questions

How could they!!!!!

Ask stuff!!!!!

The candidates thought the "debate" was about them giving short sweet stump speeches for 2 hours.

Bad CNBC. Bad, bad, bad.

Now they're gonna boycott the next NBC debate.

Maybe they could have Fox Lies do all the Republican Debates.

Seems fair to me.

Remember Who Took The Solar Panels Down From White House

The Republican.

Saint Ronnie.

Man, what vision for the future.

Whenever anyone ever says anything good about Reagan, I just abuse them.

They deserve it.

One thing on my bucket list is to visit Saint Ronnie's grave and.......

(fill in the blank)

Paul Ryan Math Challenged Hero - Save Our Nation...

Mr. Ryan, famous for a budget made with pure fantasy numbers, is considered "smart".

By who?

Oh, yes, the media who also can't do math.

Fairy revenue will save our country right Ryan?

Pssst. Mr. Ryan. Whacha gonna do about all them folks who want guvvmint destroyed, because that was what they were voted in to go do in zombieland.

If the tea baggers don't try to bring our government to it's knees, in their dead red gerrymandered districts, they will be primaried by even more extreme traitors.

The Freedom Caucus. Used to be called Tea Bag caucus until the words Tea Party made (almost all) people puke.

If You Don't Support Bernie....

Don't complain when you get what you deserve.

Bernie is the only candidate that will attempt to bring us a better world.

All of the others will bring more of the same, letting the banks, and billionaires run everything.

The Truth.....

So don't complain if the banks are responsible for 70% of GDP in a few years.


Hillary Swears Will Fight To Death For Goldman Sachs Interests

Coming out in defense of all the Goldman Sachs Executives who read stolen Fed Papers.... In 3, 2, 1.....


Lying Blair Sticks To BS "Intelligence Wrong" Claim On Fareed

I watched the interview Fareed did with Mr. Poodle. The line that made me want to puke was when Blair said: "I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong".

That is utter, in your face BULLSH*T.

You, and Bush were planning the invasion, long before you even looked for ANY intelligence. We have the proof. There was ZERO credible intelligence indicating Saddam had WMD's. The intelligence was 100% correct. You, and Bush are lying pieces of scum who took our nations to war by lying about threats to gain support.

I can only hope Blair, and his buddy Bush are someday held accountable for their treason. If they said "we don't know and we can't take that chance" and then bombed the crap out of Iraq, that wouldn't be treason. They said they "knew" when they didn't. I say prison for the Poodle, and the Shrub. And Darth, Rice, Rummy, and Powell too. Yes, Colin Powell. Seen the emails? He is just as guilty as the rest of the cabal.

Press Investigating Republican Bin Gazzie Lies - Not On Your Life

So they have secret hearings, and leak lies and innuendos non stop.

And the press will be investigating all the lies the Republicans told
about the hearings in 3, 2, 1.....

Yeah, right buddy.

Every single Democrat in the US should cancel all press interviews until the
MSM starts a real investigation into all of the lies the Republicans told
related the the Bin Gazzie events.

Now that would be something.

Ain't gonna happen though.

Democrats love getting punched in the stomach, and doing nothing about it daily.....

Bin Gazzie Investigation Stalled - Now Switching To Whitewater....

At some point you want to vomit.

Maybe the Republicans can have an investigation to all the lies Bush, and his buddies told about WMD's and have Chimpy testify for 11 hours in front of questioners who aren't spreading lies.....

Bin Gazzie = 4 Americans Dead

Iraq = 5,000 Americans Dead


BS Trustworthy Story Being Pushed / Republicans Trustworthy?

Is Hillary trustworthy?

The story the MSM wants "out there".

How about the proven liars?

The people proven to be liars at yesterday's hearings.

Are Republican lying scumbags trustworthy?

Maybe the press should "look into" that.......

The only thing on our planet worse than Republicans is
our media......
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