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Hometown: WV
Member since: Thu Jan 15, 2015, 01:37 AM
Number of posts: 5,817

About Me

Ancestral WV hillbilly & old-style liberal who believes in US Constitution & detests RW revisionism of its principles (esp Establishment Clause)

Journal Archives

Oklahoma's GOP is Waging a Shocking War on LGBT Adults and Kids

Stoically anti-gay Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern is leading a charge in attacking Oklahoma’s LGBT community with not just one but three bills, including one that would protect therapists who try to convert gay people, including gay-identifying children.

Rep. Kern, who notoriously once claimed that homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism, introduced the legislation last week and while she hasn’t specifically said what these proposed laws are meant to answer, it seems likely that they are to undercut marriage equality being rolled out in Oklahoma, as well as to undercut other pro-gay federal efforts.



Daily cute: kitten battles toy mouse

Little black furball, Tink, is afraid of, but defends against aggressive remote control mouse


Dartmouth thinks blaming the victim solves sexual harassment & violence

Dartmouth hopes to take the lead in fighting sexual harassment and violence - by banning hard liquor. As if too much tequila is to blame f/ abuse and rape. And as if beer & wine can't get one just as drunk...

National Memo has more:


Bobby Jindal Warns America: Our God Wins!

As we Heathens like to say in response to nonsense like this (only partially tongue-in-cheek), “My god carries a hammer. Your god was nailed to a cross. Any questions?”

Norse story snipped

The meaning of this parable is that it is not God we need to fear, but God’s followers. Jindal’s God is no more going to beat me up than my God will him – or his. The Thangbrands of this world, zealous bullies, are all too frequent an occurrence throughout religious history, and we have no lack of them today.

It is the men like Thangbrand, who, stirred up by men like the AFA’s Bryan Fischer and converts like Bobby Jindal, do the killing in their God’s name. And Sarah Palin’s use of targets is hardly necessary. These people already know who to kill: Everyone and anyone who isn’t one of them.


Maybe I should have posted this in another forum, but as an atheist, I love whatever knocks down the damned theocrats.

What's the worst job in football?

Sucking the air out of Tom Brady's balls


China’s Louisiana Purchase: Who’s building a methanol plant on the bayou?

A prominent Chinese tycoon and politician — whose natural gas company’s environmental and labor rights record recently started coming under fire in the Chinese press — is parking assets in a multibillion-dollar methanol plant in a Louisiana town. And he appears to be doing it with help from the administration of likely GOP 2016 presidential contender Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Read more:  Part one of a three-part series on China’s role in redeveloping southern Louisiana


No snow day for low-wage workers

To prepare for “snowmageddon,” Ana Navarrete stocked up on diapers Monday afternoon. She and her ex-boyfriend Pedro Blanco perused the baby aisle of a CVS drugstore, having left their 2-month-old son with a sitter. As the snow piled up on Hillside Avenue, Navarrete thought about her imminent commute. She works nights, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., as a hotel maid on Long Island, about 25 miles east. She drives 60 minutes each way — much longer in the snow — for just $8.50 per hour, 25 cents below the state minimum wage.

Read more:  ‘I have to go to work’


TPP and fast track - GOP + Obama

Robert Reich via MoveOn:

Republicans in Congress want to work with the Obama administration to fast-track the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The TPP is the largest—and worst—trade deal you've never heard of, having been devised in secret by representatives of some of the world's largest corporations.

Read more:

1. "Republicans Defend Obama's Trade Pact While Pressing To Deregulate Banks," The Huffington Post, January 27, 2015


2. "Obama's Covert Trade Deal," The New York Times, June 2, 2013


3. "NAFTA on Steroids," The Nation, July 16, 2012


Taylor Energy Site - Leaking Oil Continuously Since 2004

Jan 9, 2015
Site is just off the tip of the Mississippi Delta in the Gulf of Mexico.

"...oil is continuing to flow unabated, as shown by the 13-mile-long slick in this Landsat-7 satellite image that was taken Wednesday [1/7] morning"

As far as we can determine, there is no plan by the responsible party, the oil and gas industry, the US Coast Guard or the EPA to permanently fix this leak and stop this ongoing pollution of public waters. 

This is not a big leak: it seems to be somewhat larger than the most productive natural oil seeps that are scattered in deep water throughout the central and western Gulf. So maybe "no action" is a practical decision to make.  But shouldn't the public get to participate in making that decision? 


SkyTruth: [Updated] Bangladesh - Oil Spill in the Sundarbans National Park

This is from December, but thought I'd post it f/ those that might have missed it - only place I saw it nentioned was on Rachel Maddow Show, and only once.
Updated Dec 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM with new information on the location of the Southern Star 7, as well as new and updated satellite images.

Posted Dec. 15, 2014 at 11:00 PM: On the morning of Dec. 9, 2014, a tanker carrying heavy furnace oil to a powerplant in Bangladesh was struck in the fog by a cargo vessel and partially sank, releasing thousands of gallons of oil into the Sundarbans, the world's largest continuous mangrove forest and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This tidal river delta, already threatened by climate change, is home to incredible biodiversity including rare Irrawaddy and Ganges dolphins and what is believed to be one of the largest populations of the very endangered Bengal Tiger. 

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