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Ferd Berfel

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Member since: Sat Jan 3, 2015, 12:39 PM
Number of posts: 3,687

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Physicians Demand End To 20-Year-Old Ban On Gun Violence Research


It’s been nearly 20 years since any scientific research has been done on the issue.

Mass shootings, gang violence, domestic abuse, suicide, accidents — gun violence in the United States comes in many forms. And often. In the past week, the country has seen already two mass shootings. Every day, 89 people die because of gun-related violence. Experts estimate guns may soon surpass vehicle accidents to the country’s leading cause of deaths. President Barack Obama has repeatedly urged lawmakers to not make this the “new normal.”

But when it comes to finding solutions to this national problem, there’s a major roadblock standing in the way. It’s been decades since any scientific research has been done on the issue.

That’s why members of Congress joined physicians from across the country Wednesday morning to demand an end to the Dickey Amendment, a 20-year-old law banning any scientific research on gun violence.


Its PAST TIME. The problem is that Science and Reality have a "Liberal Bias". Which is why Republicans are afraid of both.

Hillary Clinton's Ghosts: A Legacy of Pushing the Democratic Party to the Right


In the Democratic presidential primary campaign, Hillary Clinton is working hard to come across as both populist and progressive. But her record as a leader of the Democratic Party's most influential organization, which fought against populism within the party for years,


Within the DLC, populism was not merely out of favor; it was militantly opposed.


A discussion about how the Democrats could be compromised by their relationship with the financial institutions that fund their campaigns was unthinkable in past presidential debates. Such a discussion falls way outside the narrow parameters of debate that have dominated political discourse in the mainstream media for decades. But at the Democratic debate in Iowa this November, this issue was front and center: Hillary Clinton was forced to defend her financial relationship with Wall Street numerous times on network television.


New Democrats were never really about popular support; they were about bringing together big business and the Democrats.


New Democrats' guns are aimed firmly at Sanders, and they are quick to defend Clinton.


Once the primary is over, the chance to force Clinton to respond to left critiques will likely not come again soon.

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