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"Dear Director Comey:

(This is a BRILLIANT letter, must read, and share on FB.)

Thomas Heyman
2 hrs

My Dad is absolutely quivering with rage about FBI director Comey's bullshit stunt letter about the latest email crap, so he has hit the warpath with this letter to Comey.
Feel free to share all over the place.

"Dear Director Comey:
I am an 81 year old retired lawyer and this is my fifteenth Presidential Election. In none of those previous elections has a director of the FBI taken an action this close to an election that could possibly change the momentum of the race. An action which, on its face, lacks any merit. In your own words, you made clear that you were unaware as to whether these documents "may be significant", or contained "classified information" . Apparently, you don't even know whether or not these emails are only duplicates of those which your staff previously reviewed. Further, from news reports, it appears that, at the time you sent your letter, you and your staff were aware that they had not been sent by Secretary Clinton ;and, that they had not been withheld from the FBI by the Clintons, the Clinton Campaign or the State Department. You also knew that they came from a device relevant to another investigation and arguably one that your staff should have been aware of when you were conducting your earlier email investigation.
Given the scant information you possessed, it is incredible that you would issue such an incendiary letter. News reports from reliable publications indicate that you sent your letter over the objections of Attorney General Lynch . Moreover, your letter fails to indicate that you followed the
Justice Department guidelines that require you to consult with the Public Integrity Section of Justice's Criminal Division before announcing an investigation so politically sensitive this close to an election. Failure to obtain such clearance is totally indefensible and makes the release of your letter a rogue action.
It is not my practice to write letters to public officials. However, this follows your self-righteous "dressing down" of Secretary Clinton in a press conference announcing that while the Agency had found that Secretary Clinton's use of a private email server had been very careless, the Secretary had not violated any laws that would justify further action. You chose to hold a press conference rather than simply releasing the report with its conclusions . That press conference, in and of itself, was a highly political act and I am sure was not cleared with the Attorney General. Now eleven days before the election you have undertaken action for which there is no precedent . Once I could forgive; but twice causes one to question whether the FBI is acting in compliance with the words of the aforementioned guidelines requiring the FBI to act in a manner so as to insure the appearance of its "fairness, neutrality, and nonpartisanship" in this election. I also wonder whether you would have acted so cavalierly if the target had not been a woman and the attorney general not been a woman as
Yours truly
Thomas V. Heyman, Esq."
Posted by underahedgerow | Mon Oct 31, 2016, 08:10 PM (2 replies)
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