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Member since: Wed Nov 12, 2014, 12:35 PM
Number of posts: 2,723

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A blue dot in the red sea of PA\'s amish country.

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Collins to announce her voting intention at 3pm today from Senate floor


Not sure what to make of this, I really didn't expect her to hint at anything before the vote. Perhaps her principles won out and she is making a speech to push the other fence sitters to vote No?

Where is our counter proposal tax bill?

The best way to underscore the flaws in the Pubs tax bill would be to offer our own. It also counters their claims of obstructionism. I think everyone can agree the current convoluted nightmare of tax regs and loopholes is an abomination. We need to show America what real tax reform should look like.

Why haven't we put forth our own proposal?

I support Kurdish Independence, where does DU stand?

They are a distinct people who have democratically voted for Independence in what appears to be a true open referendum. They have been brutally oppressed in their 80+ year push for self governance. They have a more open and tolerant culture than many of their neighbors. It is time, they have earned it.

shooter's girlfriend had multiple SSNs and two simultaneous marriages story retracted


sorry for the delay in updating this, I was at work


Inertia and fear of upsetting their base.

They've spent over a month talking the guy up and he managed not to Bork himself in the hearings. Political capital was spent and they would lose face if they backed down.

The deplorables would also crucify them if Gorsuch was withdrawn and the new pick was at all more moderate. Gorsuch might be the most moderate appointment that Trump's loud hardcore base would accept.

The gap between the progressive activists and conservative zealots has never been wider.

Question about recess appointments and pro forma sessions

Was trying to sort out if we really can block the nominations

If the Republicans declare a formal recess, can Trump recess appoint his cronies?

In other words, can a pro forma session be held during an official recess?
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