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Still In Wisconsin

Still In Wisconsin's Journal
Still In Wisconsin's Journal
June 27, 2019

Regarding SCOTUS giving partisan Gerrymandering their blessing: Non-Clinton voters,

YOU OWN THIS. All of it. Every last one of you "principled" Stein voters, Bernie-or-busters, and I'm sitting this one out-ers, this is on you. It's 100 percent your fault when Democrats get more votes yet lose House seats. Ditto for every state legislature that goes Republican in a state won overall by Democrats. And a big hearty FUCK YOU from me, personally.

June 25, 2019

Call me vengeful, call me spiteful, but I want to see Princess Ivanka and Prince Jahhr-uhd in a cage

when this is all over. Tell them both they're going to a nice black tie affair so they get all dressed up, put them in a limo and then drive them to one of these child detention facilities, more accurately described as concentration camps. Then, throw their asses HARD onto a cement floor in a urine-soaked, shit-caked cage, lock the gate, and just walk away.

Fuck them. Fuck all of them.

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