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Still In Wisconsin

Still In Wisconsin's Journal
Still In Wisconsin's Journal
March 24, 2018

Because I think I may have missed it: what happened to the WI redistricting case?

Has it been heard by SCOTUS yet? Lat I remember hearing was that they were going to take it up. The recent PA decision has brought this back to my mind.

March 13, 2018

So, help me out here. I just heard my bagger Mother-in-law refer to TRUMP as a "handsome devil."

Now, she's 75 and therefore maybe lusting after a younger man, but what can ANYONE possibly like about TRUMP's looks. I was so flabbergasted I couldn't even respond. I mean, she's half right of course, but handsome? Really?

March 5, 2018

Nunberg: "Arrest me!" Mueller: "Okay."

That is the way it should go down... at least I hope it's that simple.

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