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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,617

Journal Archives

This is bumper sticker I would love.


Joe please leave until they can get this guy

under control. Please leave.

This electoral college crap has to go. I'm so tired of having

to pander to low intelligence Fox news listening sheep people deciding the direction of the country. With the EC and gerrymandering we lose the advantage of the majority every time. More voted for Hillary by millions. There's more Democratic voters than republican constantly in state elections yet we lose. There is no way trump wouldn't be run out on a rail save for the Electoral college. People need their votes to count and now they really don't.

Trump wants to lose the election I believe.

He and his family has been taking boat loads of money from the campaign the government and stashing it away for the day he loses. He knows he will be able to slither away with no prosecution or consequence for his crimes. His loyal subjects may take the fall for him and that's fine with him. He's tired of trying to actually work or fool everyone he does work. He's been the president now and can brag about it and continue to grift on that alone. There's nothing left in it for him.

Come on, everyone knows trump is a very

stupid person. He has nothing of importance to say. It's time to just ignore him. Focus on the ghouls actually running the government and and expose them.

Excuse me Mr. President, now that cover has been ripped away

and you no longer have to worry about causing a panic, we know you know how seriously and deadly (200,000 dead) why may I ask are you still hold crowded , maskless rallies ? Why won't you now let the CDC the FDA and the scientists come out from under your thumb and let them do their job ? Just two of the questions I'd ask if I were a journalist. Where are the journalists ? It's time to press and press hard against trump and his corrupt administration.

The most picked on president.

Trump is the most picked upon president ever !
That's the message every member of the Democratic Party should be preaching. Members of congress former and present. Former presidents and vice presidents. They all need to cite the many many reasons why he is the most picked on president. Just today there are about 10 things, crimes, malfeasance, lies to point out. Tomorrow picks 5 more and lay them out. The next day 5 more and so on. This should keep them busy with news conferences, press releases, interviews for about a month of workdays. Agree with him and explain why to Those who may not know why he's the most picked on president ever. The coddling has to stop we have to go full bore on this guy and his criminal administration. Resign indeed force him out Now.

Waiting for the see nothing hear nothing say nothing republican monkeys

to address trumps disdain for the military. Quite the group of patriots. Hey Louie G. cat got your tongue.

Heard on local news in Illinois that

Drumph is only planning to spend an hour in Kenosha. Just enough time to give one of his ghastly speeches and pose for a few pics. What a guy.
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