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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,670

Journal Archives

I'm so glad that these poor little snowflakes were not

around during the two World Wars or the Depression. Imagine the outrage of having to go without basic goods and materials or wait to purchase it you could fuel for you car/home heat because of the war effort and rationing. Imagine having to actually have to leave your family to fight a war. These poor babies can't go 4 weeks without a haircut or buying the ammo they need to "protect" themselves from GOD knows what. So sad and selfish.

If anything we should be protesting about

The complete lack of responsibility of the "news" media in this country ( with very few exceptions ) . The absolute willingness to go along with the lies and propaganda from this administration the Republican party and their bullshit spreading mouthpieces is shameful. I place complete blame for the sham election of trump, the sham election of Bush and the horrific consequences they have brought the world. I was going to list them but I'm to tired. Money and influence has destroyed Americia. The saying was don't mess with those who buy ink by the barrel. Unfortunately the traitors are the ones buying the ink now.

You know what, I'm tired of stupid people masquerading as leaders

fucking up me, my country, my neighbors with their ignorance, greed, bigotry etc. .This crap about opening up the country while at the same time giving the country the finger by having no stay at home orders and the like is the last straw of my hundreds of last straws. PLEASE. people vote all these scumbags out. Whatever in person by mail anyway you can. Please get everyone you know to vote.

I've been seeing a lot more of the

My pillow guy ads on TV the last week of so. Taking advantage of his press conference with orange anus to get the faithful to buy his crap. They probably think it kills the virus now.

Mr Bloomberg or any patriot listening could

you pay for a massive ad campaign that will play the heartbreaking plea from Rachel Maddow begging trump to do what needs to be done to save lives. Every minute he waits more and more will die. The sane among us need to demand this administration act now. It's not political it's imperative the people know what is not being done that may kill them their families and friends.
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