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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,622

Journal Archives

Ok this is getting absurd. When will we stop

Fucking around with these criminals. I don't know what is happening but if the lawyers for Biden, the Democratic Party, the government and who ever else can start piling on lawsuit after lawsuit upon those who are stopping this election from ending already. This is a whole lot of crap and these judges who are hearing the crap the trump campaign is pulling from their asses need to end this now. Enough. How does this stop. This is beyond ridiculous beyond belief. E fucking nuff , ENOUGH. (sorry but I'm raging here)

It's time to put trump and his constant whining on ignore and

focus all effort on Covid and getting aid to those who need it (NOT THOSE WHO DON'T) . trump is done and let the lawyers keep an eye on him. Mitch McConnell and republicans need to have immense pressure put on them to pass a proper relief bill now if not sooner. Let all these small businesses who are upset about their business closing and make it clear who's to blame. Same with those unemployed.

After reading about all the politicians who have tested positive for Covid recently

I'm Ok if Joe and Kamala spend more time in their basements for a few months. It's getting very bad out there. Zoom, text, e-mail, and phone can get most of the work done.

If we want to curb the Corona virus especially with the cold weather here

the government must now send financial help to the small businesses who are going to shut down or defy orders from Governors to do so. I'm talking about restaurants and bars who have no options for outdoor service. Not McDonald's and the like who the majority of their business is drive thru and can survive without indoor dining. With no help I can't blame them if the choose to stay open. Democratic leaders need to pound for the desperate need for these folks and those unemployed. There has to be a package that addresses the need for these people and programs that will help them. Not allowing corporate leeches to grab the bulk of the money allotted. Congress has to fix this now if we are serious about slowing the spread of covid.

President elect and Vice President elect need to ignore the

Republican nonsense fraud claims and go about the business of setting up an administration. Let the lawyers handle the noise from trump and crew. They have nothing to offer evidence wise and for one I'm tired of hearing about it. Let lawyers keep track of the laws and procedures broken for charges after the 20th.

The Biden administration will be the greatest job creator ever if

The investigate all the crimes committed in the past five years. From the president and family to his administration the trump campaign the traitorous republicans all the way down to the Michigan terrorists. There have been so many crimes committed, between investigations,lawyers,staff,the job opportunities are endless. I will be very disappointed if the DOJ does not aggressively go after these assholes each and every one.

For half of the country the tag line

"This is not who we are" does not apply. Maybe it's time to divide the USA and give them what they want. Let THEM live under a fascist state.

I feel good today. The GOP is losing in the courts

daily and the turnout is great. We're gonna win !
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