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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,670

Journal Archives

I think that healthcare is one of the most important issue people are concerned about.

What I would like to see is to go back to the original ACA plan with a single payer option and expand on it to include more dental etc. I have no love loss for insurance companies and could not care less if they disappeared but at this time this is too hard for the majority of voters to grasp. What I and I think most people want is to be able to go to the doctor when sick or injured and get cared for without having to worry about using the rent money to just begin to pay for it. If we the democratic party can present a reasonable , workable plan to do that we can win the healthcare debate and possibly support from those who fell for the republicans bullshit. This was basically a republican plan and what I believe was a big part of electing PRESIDENT Obama and until they chopped it up to weaken it greatly was what I and many wanted. If we can successfully do this we can move areas to make it into something even better. Thoughts ?.

You know what, I've lost my patience.

This horror regarding the migrant children has pulled my last nerve. There must be at this time be a mountain of evidence of high crimes, lies, scams, collusion, obstruction and any number of deviant acts on trump his family the Republican party his business dealings to at the very least start impeachment investigations. How long are we going to allow this creaton to continue ?

I would hope President Obama would

Address trumps claim that he started the child separation policy and that he is the one who is bringing the families together. Someone has to set this criminal straight.

Let me tell you how this will go down.

The media seem giddy and the republicans are as happy as pigs in shit regarding the build up for war with Iran. The media with their Breaking News flashes treat possible war like it's no big deal that kids will be killed and the possibility of other lives lost. The Republicans of course love war and the military war complex who fund campaigns and boost their stock portfolio. So while trump makes aggressive moves against Iran it won't be long now. Meanwhile the Democratic party allows trump and McConnell to move along meerly along disregarding the law as they see fit. No impeachment hearings, no Mueller testimony etc. Wait until we have a solid case against trump before we move forward. If they cannot put together a case for at least starting impeachment hearings and start issuing subpoenas after 3 years of law breaking in more ways than can be counted then when will they? The war will begin , everyone will forget Mueller and whatever else and off we go to a wartime president going into 2020. I hope I'm wrong but I've seen this movie many times before. Time and patience is not our friend this time.

Ok while members of the Democratic party dance around impeachment can we

go hard after Mitch McConnell and the republicans . Point out the multitude of bills sitting on the turtle's desk gathering dust while he and his wife break more laws to fill their pockets. While few in the media will cover this they have to find a way to get this squeezed in between trump 24/7 ads.

After hearing the Nader story tonite on Rachel's show

and seeing what was in the Mueller report and what has been shown in our own intelligence agencies investigations I'm beginning to think law enforcement and the department of justice is run by Barney Fife. People have been given immunity for testimony that seems to have been useless . Isn't the point of immunity to get information of crimes committed that the witness can attest to ? I know I'm just ranting but for gods sake when EVERYONE connected to the trump campaign, family and many republicans have numerous connections to Russia and other questionable forgien governments and criminals alike we can't find a crime. After 2 year investigation no one can pin down any crime . I don't know maybe I've seen to much TV but I think it's time to get out the rubber hose and do some enhanced interogation. Maybe a Joe Friday could get to the bottom of this because unless someone is hiding something from us this should not be this hard. These people are not that smart.
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