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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,610

Journal Archives

So in a nutshell , even if they found shitler guilty of a crime

because of "fairness" he could not say. WTF Is that ? WTF was the point then ?

Who exactly gets to determine if they will or will not testify

before Congress with or without subpoena ?

Ok folks since impeachment won't work and

doing nothing will work it's time for the leaks to start . I know you are out there and you have the goods on trump ,McConnell, Sessions etc. Whether you work / worked for the government the Inquirer, trump himself, IRS, CIA, FBI , Mullers team, Russia or any other country. If you've had an abortion paid for by trump , if you know someone who has had an abortion because trump of had sex with trump and was under age of forced. Or any other despicable or illegal act . Seems like the only way to rid the world of this horrific subhuman . The law won't work the courts won't work and apparently we can't count on the election to be un-corrupted. We need your help patriots.

We had our chance for justice

over and over in the past. Instead for whatever reason we failed to put Nixon in prison. We failed to put Regan in prison. We chose to let George H W Bush stroll away from his crimes. We failed to prosecute George W. Bush and Dick satin Cheney for war crimes and let them retire to their ranches in peace. All apparently for the good of the country. Now the criminals know no matter what they do no matter what crimes they commit they will have no consequence not only that but they are allowed to continue while the county again decides if stopping them will hurt the Democratic party. This time is going to be the last time the chance will be available. If we don't stop them, if we lose in 2020 I'm afraid we're done . There will be no more chances. I'm from Illinois and we have no problem putting our elected officials in prison as our history shows for far far less than the present administration does in a week. Impeachment can't wait, arrest and fines for ignoring subpoenas can't wait. Testimony from Muller and all those who have not been heard from can't wait.

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