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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,529

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I'm exasperated already.

So very tired of the message America can't have a health care system

like the rest of the civilized world can. We can't afford it or we will lose elections if we try . Maybe we need someone not in or no longer in politics to come up with solutions to point out exactly where the people's tax money is going. To point out the obscene waste and graft the military spends our money on . The billions spent on corporate welfare . The trillions given to our supposed allies who's leaders keep the bulk of that spending for themselves while pissing in America's corn flakes every chance they get. Billions spent on grants to universities to research and develop drugs and medical devices only to have drug corporations take that and sell it back to us at astronomical prices . The money is fucking there to do healthcare but the desire is not because too many feathers will get ruffled . Medicare was designed to morph into a national healthcare system but money and influence derailed that so the insurance industry could get in on it somehow that's why only 80% is covered and you have to spend even more on drug coverage. People need to know these things and maybe if they did more would demand what they deserve.

Other than a few slaps here and there everyone seems to be going along with the madness.

Everyone says wait for Mueller to finish his investigation then all will be fine. In the meantime trump and the rest are and will get what they need done. Where is outrage, where is the constant screaming day after day we heard about crooked Hillary about Muslim Obama about e-mails about wall street speaches about golf for gods sake. I don't know if it's the media or the democratic party but it seems that the hundreds of things trump has done to be removed or impeached or arrested is now brushed off as humor or just trump being trump. This is not good and other than a skit on SNL or late nite shows trump and the other corrupt criminals in the republican party can do or say whatever outlandish lie to the press and the people and nothing is done but to add it to the list. I would like to hear whenever a Democratic spokesperson is speaking putting crooked in front of trump , McConnell , Ryan etc. It obviously worked for the repukes.

Thanks trump,

You would think because of trumps announcement we will be swimming in oil and mineral resources from Afghanistan gas prices ( northern Illinois ) shouldn't have jumped up 43 CENTS a gallon overnight. I see stock prices for Boeing and other industrial military complex companies have also jumped overnight. I'm sure all the millionaire and billionaires bought a shit load of stock before the increase . So as usual there is going to be plenty of people who are thrilled by the presidential president. So Thanks trump.

With the GOP Deathcare plan polling at 12% approval

and faux news own poll showing 74% want to keep and fix Obamacare why is there a question on how to move forward ? Has anyone asked the GOP leadership why they want to continue with a plan the MAJORITY of American don't want ?

If McConnell and Ryan would just be honest as to what they

really want in a healthcare bill it's not good coverage at reasonable cost . Why can't they do something nice and and offer a good quality Bill the dems would certainly work with them. Would go a long way toward healing government in this country. But sadly this is not what they want . I wish they had the courage to say what they mean. Is it revenge , greed , poor upbringing ?

Can some enterprising newsperson please ask

Trump or one of his many surrogates what happens to my wife and myself who are in the 60-65 year old low income what will we do when the healthcare subsidies we have now go away. Since we would not be able to BUY insurance without them we could not see a doctor to get prescriptions for diabetic medication as well as some others. Who will provide these prescriptions who will provide the medication ? Without these esp. the diabetes meds my wife surely die. Where do we go? Medicaid , Medicare , emergency room ? Please explain for me.

So in effect we will never hear anything.

Only those in "closed" hearing will be able to know the truth. And we will only know what they want us to know. No evidence , no charges, no impeachment no nothing. Fuck it !

Patience my ass.

Sorry folks but I have no time for patience. No time to wait for 2018 or 2020. If just one of pres. Shitstain plans for health care , social security , Medicare , etc. go forward my wife and myself are done PERIOD. I won't bore you with the details in short wife is on SSDI and I work . We finally have insurance thru Obamacare for the last 3 years having to switch providers every year. My wife just spent a hour on the phone with blue cross trying to fine coverage for meds that were working well for her in the past but now for the 2 she needs will cost approximately 8-$900.00 per month. This itself is bad enough but if she loses SSDI we would be unable to pay the rent let alone medication. We are in our sixties and have no time to lose. What I can do is protest , resist , but I need direction where , when and with who. This criminal administration has to go and sooner that later. Can't wait for 2-4 year investigations. Can't wait for elections. No time for us. PATIENCE MY ASS.

I just found out that a friend of my son

from the army commited suicide. (Not the 1st). I am afraid my patience has worn out. I want anyone and everyone who has information that will stop the fascist , corporate take over of my country. Stop the profiteering of war by corporate and political murderers of the men and women who ARE the patriots . Trump the GOP stooges the Democratic stooges need to be run out of the country asap. We need to make America great again . No more stalling no more excuses there are people who know plenty and this has to be made public . Plenty of ways to leak and not out yourself. Please major damage is happening daily.
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