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Profile Information

Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,530

Journal Archives

Now that gas is 2.90 per gallon by me

(north suburbs Illinois) it's great that oil corporations got their bigly tax break they now also get mine too. Thanks trump.

I believe I have a solution to those who want to own military weapons

while keeping them off the streets. Also a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs or even corporations to make money . You may own that type of weapon but it has to be kept at a SECURE enclosed range locked up like a safe deposit box. You have a key range has a key. You check in show your registration and receive your weapon . You can the go out and shoot the hell out of watermelons, propane canisters and whatever else the range will set up for your enjoyment. When finished you turn in your weapon leave through a metal detector and are searched. Win win right, money made by range and you can shoot up shit to your heart's content or until your time / money runs out. No one takes you gun and you still can enjoy your hobby right. Thoughts ?

Just wondering if drumph or anyone in government

said anything about the 7 US service members killed in the Iraq helicopter crash ? Maybe I missed it.

Question, is there a sporting , hunting , gun safety group

Operating other than the NRA ? If not maybe one could be started by the large group of gun owners who support sane and safe regulations . Something like the NRA used to be. I have to believe there are more intelligent gun owners out there than those who have to parade around with rifles strapped on them and a pistol on hip.

Just a suggestion for the Democratic candidates and those in office now.

If there are big wins in November and 2020 the 1st items on the to do list need to be getting money out of politics and elections. Legislation banning weapons of war,strong background checks and penalties for not reporting people to the data base. A comprehensive immigration policy once and for all. A re-do of voting to make sure every vote counts. I'm sure more can be listed but this is a party I and hopefully many other could get enthused about. What do you think?

I don't get it, I just don't get it.

I may be wrong but it seems to me that law enforcement officers should be screaming about the type of weapons available to the public. Semi automatic , bumb stops, body armor, extended magazines etc. I don't see any outrage from that community. I may be wrong . If there any officers reading this I'd like to hear your opinion.

Thank you for the heart.

Just a piece of advice for Democratic elected officials.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Rush Limbaugh and other rw radio and faux news so you can see-hear what we are up against. Take an hour or two a day away from fund raising to listen yourself , not an aid but yourself. Then you may see how low you can go and still take the "high road" . I don't know if anyone in the Democratic party reads DU or sites like it , if there are any but you may learn where your constitutes stand.

Fuck,Fuck,Fuck it all.

I hope you dumb Mf'ers are happy. You ran out a great positive in the Democratic party and lost the support of millions. Great job democratic leaders.

Why not exactly.

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