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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,770

Journal Archives

I'm not sure who exactly is in charge of elections in this country.

Secretary of States, governor's, is there an election committee ? Why after over 200 plus years of elections do the same issues the same problems the same "irregularities" continue ? After getting screwed by voting machines, missing ballots, closed polling stations, electoral college shitshow, corrupt judges, voter intimidation and on and on. Does the Democratic Party plan on ever addressing the issue. Hopefully legal cases have been filed, plans to expand voting rights and hours/days are taking place that I don't know about. After 2016 and the latest fiasco in GA. the writing is still on the wall. Hopefully the Democratic voters will finally turn out in mass.

Kaylie is pushing B.S. again at her press conference.

Questions from press weak as usual.

Has anyone stepped forward or is there a plan

to begin discussions about where we as a country go to address the issue not only with police but racism in general ? I'm sure nothing from the White House but do congress and state officials have anything ? I'm afraid if the protests continue with no plans to move forward the momentum will again pass as with gun control etc.

Boy he hit all the dog whistles and

talking points with his "heal the country" speech tonite. Law and order president, 2nd amendment rights, blah blah. Remember, trump lies, he's lying to you now.

Just a suggestion, can the legitimate protesters

protest during the day and go home. Then at night when the scum looters come out they will be considered as such and subject to the consequences of there actions.

It's becoming a complete free for all. Cars just

pulling up to shops, breaking Windows and grabbing whatever they can. No longer protests just blatant crime. Too bad, may be this is why good intentions for protests go nowhere.

I hope the police, mayors, governors, AG'S, presidents, who are looking for who's to blame

for the rioting look to Officer Chauvin and the other 3 accessories to murder. As the last straw on the camels back . Then count back to the thousands of other cases filmed or not to find the cause. It's not protesters, the extreme left wing, it's the police and those who have covered for them forever. Case closed.

Please people this has to stop.

I don't know and at this point don't care if it white protesters, black protesters, right wing instigators, left wing extremists, don't let someone's goal of destroying the county thru hatred come true. It's to good to lose. I read somewhere today Be the change you want. Please THINK.

Bill fucking Barr can go fuck off. You and your criminal client trump

are the cause of the protests. You prove daily the total disregard for justice in the country for anyone but your traitorous cronies. Black people have been denied justice for centuries and now under your crooked thumb the rest of Americans are starting to feel what it's like to see the justice department work for the few you select for whatever nefarious goals you choose. Hopefully not only black America but the whole of the country will drag you out by your neck and the neck of your criminal president. God have mercy on your soul cause I won't.

Show of ✋hands. Who thought after hearing trump won 2016

that this would be the state of the country after he got through with it ? Especially after 8 years of the most divisive, traitorous president ever
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