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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,775

Journal Archives

Mr. Trump, Mr. Pence, Ms Devoss, and esteemed

members of Congress, and honorable governors. If you had not ignored warnings from experts, denied science professionals, medical advisors and instead acted seriously to combat this virus we very well could be opening schools in fall. We very well be going back to work, shopping, dinning out and returning to a more normal life. You all did this and now the problem is worse for all and still no federal plan, few state plans to move forward. I WANT to go back to work. I need to go back to work. I could have gone back to work. Shame on you all for this and for still to this day sitting on your hands and refusing to do the job. If you are too afraid to speak up resign. If you don't care to speak up resign. You have fucked up, admit it and resign. I want to go back to work.

Now that Gov. Abbott and mothers boy Pence are telling

everyone to wear masks are they and they rest of the "no big deal, this will go away by itself " republicans admit they were wrong ? Will they take responsibility ? Will they be asked if they made a huge mistake ?

Where are the calls demanding trump resign immediately.

People are dying daily. People are getting sick and will end up forever scared of they survive this virus. Meanwhile trump says 99% who get it will come out just fine. trump says open schools , open everything we have great drugs to cure you so have at it Americans, all is well. trump cares nada about Russia killing American soldiers, yes NOTHING. trump tweets and speeches are blatantly racist with no attempt to hide it. This is just a sampling of last week we have 5 more months of this to endure, I don't think we can make it and even then who can be sure about elections anymore. The Democratic Party has to DEMAND at every opportunity trump and his failure of an administration resgin immediately. At least FIVE months of this destruction to come are we OK with that ? The Moscow Mitch led republicans would have had a Democratic president removed, jailed and executed already. What are we waiting for ? WHAT ?

Good to see the fact the President of the United States who

has allowed the murder of American troops by Russia has decided it didn't happen. Will do nothing about it while saying no one told him about it. Great to see on our countries birthday this story like all the other crimes trump has committed has dissolved into just another trump quirk. Happy fucking Independence Day all.

I'm a school bus driver and was looking forward to going back to work this fall but

with all the shitheads running around with no masks and slurping beer at crowded bars at every opportunity going to concerts and trump rallies etc. I guess that won't happen. The ignorance of this is sickening in so many ways.

On today's Sunday shows I am hoping to see members of the Democratic Party

calling for the resignation of trump, Pence, every member of the leadership in the intelligence agencies who stayed silent regarding the bounty on American soldiers. And throw in Barr as well. This is well past out of control. Every day more and more crimes committed every day more lies as more people die from this administrations malfience and treason.

Ok now instead of sitting in your folding chair

waiting for Kaylie to allow you to ask a question, " Thank you for choosing me Kaylie" you proceed to ask a question with all due respect of course knowing you will be lied to. Your next move as a reporter, journalist or whatever you call yourself would be to find those whose job it is to brief Orange anus and ask them if he was briefed and if so when. Then it the answer is yes ask why you and all those in the intelligence agencies after trump did nothing sit on your hands and also did nothing or told no one ? I could think of a dozen more questions at least. So who will take the giant ball and run with it ? Time to find out who is a patriot and who is a traitor in this sad administration.

I know everyone here is gleeful reading trumps

low poll numbers and recent failures but let's not be fooled come November. I never thought he would come close to winning the 1st time and still am befuddled how it happened. So many stories about landslide victory for Biden might cause lower voter turnout and we need every vote we can get not just for president but all the way down ballot. These stories may be another way these scumbags get low turnout so vote like we're behind . I trust nothing after 2016.

My agenda wish list for Janurary 2021 is Americans hopefully

have pulled their heads out of their collective asses, voted in mass to retrieve the presidency the house and Senate. Step two, immediately set a committee to prosecute trump, Barr and all the criminal traitors who have participated in the endless crimes against America and humanity. Step three another committee to reverse the trump executive orders and restore important regulations to protect the environment and rollback insane tax cuts for the wealthiest and corporations. Step four begin repairing forgien relationships and the multitude of social problems including healthcare for all. We unfortunately have to go in reverse and forward at the same time. It would be great if when we have majorities the Democratic Party could show we really can govern and really make America great again.

Why in my opinion removing Gone with the Wind and

movies / books that show racism is foolish. These movies are the only way many people see how black people have been treated in the past and how in many ways it's still the same. If history is taken away the ability to learn is taken away. Watching movies and reading books like To kill a mockingbird and the like educated me and disturbed me and I believe made me a better person.
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