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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,471

Journal Archives

Looking for advice regarding dental implants or dentures.

I can't afford 30-60,000 dollars which is only price I'm seeing. Any suggestions ?

Every Republican needs to be asked

Do you believe it should be harder for American citizens to vote in every election ? Should we be making it easier to register every eligible person in America and provide easier to access to places to vote, vote by mail and extend days to vote ? If any of this bothers you explain why and provide HARD facts to support your objection. This constant attack on the right to vote is getting so old because All of the laws to suppress voting are all based on "some people say" or "we all know" regarding the virtual non-existent fraud in elections across the country. Facts have to be provided to back up any claims of fraud before any laws take effect. How any court can allow this laws to go forward is beyond me.

Nobody cares but I have to walk away for awhile.

I was soooo excited when Obama was elected and I could finally get healthcare coverage and so many other things I thought were important. Then along came McConnell and republicans to fuck things up. Then for no reason I can fathom we lost seats in Congress. I will never understand "democrats" who can't support their own party. I'd love to win an election that we actually win instead we have to constantly have to put up with DINO'S on top of republicans. I fear it will happen again and I can't take it again.

Hey Wisconsin, any of you need the covid stimulus money ? Any of

you small businesses in Wisconsin need a little help to stay afloat ? Any of you restaurateurs in Wisconsin thinking this may be your last fish fry or your last Old Fashioned served. Well thank your Russian backed Senator Johnson for that. You all, Republican and Democratic citizens alike should be flooding Johnson's office with calls, letters, e-mails and rotten tomatoes for his slap in your faces. The rest of us are pissed for his childish stunt but only you Wisconsonites can do anything about it.

The most honest thing trump ever said

I could shoot someone on 5th ave. and not lose one supporter. I'm proud of the job all the managers did. It was brilliant top to bottom but there is no way to win with a tainted criminal jury. The talent in the Democratic Party is impressive.

For the life of me I can't believe

the whole Senate chamber didn't break into laughter when the idiot tried the Calvary/ Calvery defence. It's like watching 5th graders in the principals office.

Thank you anonymous friends for the hearts.

If we are going to have to fight with

(Not named here cause you know) members of our own party as well as republicans then let's just move on as fast as we can however needed to get things done. Whatever needs to be done ! I'm getting a queasy feeling in my stomach again.

I'm generally a glass 12 empty guy but

watching Senate majority leader Schumer on Rachel Maddow has me smiling and optimistic about the Democratic Congress. I've never seen him so pumped, so forceful, so seemingly happy to be in charge. I think there is more water in my glass today.

Because now when someone wants to actually do

something about covid about the economy about climate change and renewable energy about infrastructure about minimum wage we suddenly worry about how much will be spent. After four years of massive tax breaks for those who didn't need them. We now have to listen to how wrong it is to give stimulus to those who may not need it. After wasting millions on a useless ineffective wall we now have to explain why we need to build roads and bridges and invest in new energy sources and prospective new jobs. You know the drill but sadly we again have to fight with some from our own party as well as republicans to get what 85 million of us voted for. Again unless we take bold governing steps we will be going uphill AGAIN. What is it with these people ?
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