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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,779

Journal Archives

Come on, everyone knows trump is a very

stupid person. He has nothing of importance to say. It's time to just ignore him. Focus on the ghouls actually running the government and and expose them.

Excuse me Mr. President, now that cover has been ripped away

and you no longer have to worry about causing a panic, we know you know how seriously and deadly (200,000 dead) why may I ask are you still hold crowded , maskless rallies ? Why won't you now let the CDC the FDA and the scientists come out from under your thumb and let them do their job ? Just two of the questions I'd ask if I were a journalist. Where are the journalists ? It's time to press and press hard against trump and his corrupt administration.

The most picked on president.

Trump is the most picked upon president ever !
That's the message every member of the Democratic Party should be preaching. Members of congress former and present. Former presidents and vice presidents. They all need to cite the many many reasons why he is the most picked on president. Just today there are about 10 things, crimes, malfeasance, lies to point out. Tomorrow picks 5 more and lay them out. The next day 5 more and so on. This should keep them busy with news conferences, press releases, interviews for about a month of workdays. Agree with him and explain why to Those who may not know why he's the most picked on president ever. The coddling has to stop we have to go full bore on this guy and his criminal administration. Resign indeed force him out Now.

Waiting for the see nothing hear nothing say nothing republican monkeys

to address trumps disdain for the military. Quite the group of patriots. Hey Louie G. cat got your tongue.

Heard on local news in Illinois that

Drumph is only planning to spend an hour in Kenosha. Just enough time to give one of his ghastly speeches and pose for a few pics. What a guy.

I was so moved by the statement by

Jacob Blake's sister the other day. The emotion and pain she expressed was heartbreaking. She spoke calmly, clearly and forcibly. A very intelligent and commanding woman. She and the family asked for the violence and destruction to end. The protests need to continue but if they need to separate themselves from the for lack of a better word, troublemakers. I don't know why they feel the need to engage counter protesters who are obviously looking to instigate confrontation. Can we listen to the families of the victims who have called for peace and stop playing into trump and his goons hands. Unless your aim is getting trump re-elected you aren't helping. Let's stop the violence and get back to the message of Black lives Matter and police corruption reform.

Hey trump dummies,

When they stop taking the payroll tax from your check effectively giving you a raise per heir trump you might want to know you will have to pay trumps America back. Probably when you do your taxes or maybe directly to trump. Got it, MAGA.

I guess all the consternation about extended

unemployment benefits and additional corona virus stimulus was all show. That 1200.00 four months ago is long since gone.

I would prefer a sit down interview with Biden/Harris instead

This is an edited jumbled mess of 20/20 type format. Don't care for it at all or David Murr.

It's amazing what a short attention span we seem to have.

As everyone is rushing to address a made up postal crisis (by trump/Lejoy) millions of unemployed workers are trying to live with the reduced benefits and after 5 months the 1200.00 stimulus is long gone. Liar Lejoy said the post office has plenty of money to get thru the election and beyond. Let's not throw money at a problem that isn't there. Address the corrupt Lejoy, let them know we are on to his b.s. and actually help people. I'd love to go back to work but assholes who won't wear a mask at minimum keep the cases growing. No school, no work for me.
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