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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,782

Journal Archives

Rachel is making trump pay

for his free hour of tv. Pointing every lie every drop of bullshit that came out of his mouth tonite.

Why are republicans installing fake ballot drop boxes ? Why

do black and brown people have to wait in line for hours to vote ? Why do republicans do everything in their power to stop, restrict, suppress people from voting ? This is the ultimate voter fraud and feel free to use this at the town hall tonite Joe. Let America know who exactly is holding them down.

We're gonna win.

When Biden/Harris are asked about what they will do about Covid

Like at the town hall last night and surely at the VP debate. People are afraid that life will be this way forever. Assure people that #1 vaccines are in the works and treatments are getting more effective as more is learned through science. #2 If we had a national plan from early on and a president who encouraged same from the start we very likely would be much closer to getting back to normalcy . Give the people hope and show how republicans have screwed the pooch on this at the same time. Then if time lay out your plan.

Fuck ttump, Fuck his ignorant supporters,

Fuck the undecided jerkoffs. This is nuts get out and vote Everyone ASAP. Sorry had to vent

Damn how I hate what the media has become. CBS This morning is

doing a story about the October surprise. They talked about the Iran hostage crisis. They explained the break down in negotiations between Iran and Carter. What they failed to mention is why negotiations broke down. Nothing about the republicans committing treason by counter negotiating with Iran to benefit Regan. Not to mention the story they did about most people now get the news from social media and how ultra partisan cable news has become. No mention of Fox news and RW hate radio. Again Everybody does it. The best was the interviews with the God chose trump to be president couple and the coal miners daughter nursing student who knows people who wore a mask etc. and still got covid get their news from Facebook and the like.

This is bumper sticker I would love.


Joe please leave until they can get this guy

under control. Please leave.

This electoral college crap has to go. I'm so tired of having

to pander to low intelligence Fox news listening sheep people deciding the direction of the country. With the EC and gerrymandering we lose the advantage of the majority every time. More voted for Hillary by millions. There's more Democratic voters than republican constantly in state elections yet we lose. There is no way trump wouldn't be run out on a rail save for the Electoral college. People need their votes to count and now they really don't.

Trump wants to lose the election I believe.

He and his family has been taking boat loads of money from the campaign the government and stashing it away for the day he loses. He knows he will be able to slither away with no prosecution or consequence for his crimes. His loyal subjects may take the fall for him and that's fine with him. He's tired of trying to actually work or fool everyone he does work. He's been the president now and can brag about it and continue to grift on that alone. There's nothing left in it for him.
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