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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,525

Journal Archives

This daily novel is getting tedious.

Please file whatever legal action needs to be filed to get the full Ukraine transcript the full Mueller report the key to trumps secret server and all the other shit they are hiding. Then go on every show that will have you and pound the fact that they are hiding everything they can, obstructing testimony and of course liars. There is no reason the membership of those investigating this should not have this information. I'm glad things are moving along now and that trump will hang himself but we have to stay on top of this to get every scrap of evidence we can so there is no wiggle room. The Speed of this investigation seems to be working.

We're gonna win. Staring little trump.


Wow, all along I thought republicans were just A-holes who wanted

all the money for their wealthy doners and in turn themselves. Turns out they are also treasonous Russian commie supporters too. From the top trump on down to Attorney General Barr (aka trumps personal attorney and bag man) to Rudy blabber mouth to Gym Jorden to , well the list goes on and on. I hope someone is preparing enough gallows to hang all of them.

Can anyone point me to where Joe Biden bragged about firing the investigator ?

They say there is video but have never heard anything about it.

So it begins. On the way home this evening

I noticed unleaded gas has gone up 40 yes 40 cents per gallon.

Ok, I'm less than 15 minutes into

the Rachel Maddow show and this shit is getting crazy. Idgaf if it's called impeachment investigation or what you call it but all this information of the hundreds of impeachable offenses and crimes by trump and those within fart smelling distance of him have to be made available clearly and often to those who don't watch Rachel. Come on majority leader people need to hear and really see what is going on . 2020 depends on it.

And he gets away with it again.

trump slithered into El Paso and Dayton today and soothed said towns with smiling thumbs up pictures and a new campaign ad and flies away as some stated a "Rock Star" . I'm seriously wondering when he will actually shoot someone just to prove he can without consequence. When EXACTLY will impeachment hearings begin ?

I find that because of

so called classified information, made up rules that a sitting president can't be indicted. rules of protocal and procedures we can't get all the facts needed to free ourselves from this menace. There are people out there who know stuff have seen stuff . whether congressional members or the person who makes copies at the CIA, FBI , DOJ etc. Remember seeing the faces of members of Congress coming from intelligence meeting looking like they saw a ghost. They know, others know. How can they let this happen ? Everyone knows what criminal fascists these people are but it can't be said apparently.

Did anyone ask Mr. Mueller today

if AG Barr ordered him to stop the investigation ?

Does the Democratic party have a position on healthcare ?

I looked on the DNC website and it was touting Obamacare and nothing after what looked like a outdated post.
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