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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 9,064

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I just received my second e-mail from the HRC group, guy named Mook, so I responded by asking

them to please remove my name, I was a Bernie supporter. I also asked how they got my e-mail address. Hahaha, think I'll get an answer?

Does anyone know the viewer numbers on Chris Matthews infotainment show on Trump?

A friend of mine is at the Billy Joel concert in NYC and he just dedicated a song to Trump. "I'm

The Entertainer." She said the place went nuts, I believe he's at the Garden...

Nothing urgent but a question. I have Windows before 10 (I'm thinking 9 but who knows).

I'm also quite satisfied with it. They keep bugging me to download 10 and I really don't want it. I've heard the nightmare stories. My question would be is 10 okay and would they be fooling with my present download just to get me to do it? Computer has been acting up all of a sudden and I'm wondering if it's a sabotage thing or something...Thanks for any help on this...
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