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KMOD's Journal
KMOD's Journal
July 1, 2016

Love is a flower, you got to let it, you got to let it grow



Nighty-Night DU
June 30, 2016

French president endorses Hillary Clinton, attacks Donald Trump

Foreign leaders have made no secret of their disdain for Donald Trump — and now French President Francois Hollande has made it explicit, endorsing Hillary Clinton for the White House.

"The best thing the Democrats can do is to get Hillary Clinton elected," Hollande wrote in a column for a French newspaper, according to a translation by Politico.

Trump, meanwhile, offers slogans that are "barely different from the extreme right in Europe and in France," and electing him “would complicate relations between Europe and the U.S.," Hollande wrote.


She going to have the whole world endorsing her.

June 30, 2016

Neoliberalism, My Ass

Continuing my rant…

In this section, let’s talk about ideology for a bit.

Imagine, if you will, that you come back from your Caribbean vacation to find that your house is flooded. You have $20,000 available to fix whatever needs fixing, but instead of fixing the gaping hole in the roof, you decide to replace all of the floors and the carpet instead. That makes no rational sense, of course, which is what makes the liberal elites (who, quite ironically, call pragmatic progressives “liberal elites”) so frustrating. Much of what you read in the professional left is complete bullshit and has no basis in reality, but it is the rest of us who are crazy and “lack vision.” One thing I learned when I earned by political science degree is that political theory is just that, and bears little to no relationship to reality. Sorry if that’s hard to take, but it’s true.

Just this morning, I awoke to a new comment on my list of Obama accomplishments, taking me to task because I opened the list with a statement that we elected the most progressive president in history in 2008. The commenter said I was being inaccurate when I called Obama progressive, which is absurd on its own, but then he proceeded to prove that he didn’t understand what I said by citing President Obama’s support for the TPP as proof that he isn’t progressive.

Think about that a second. Not only did he not understand what I said, but he was commenting on a list of 358 improvements he has made to benefit society. In other words, in the minds of people like this, someone who says all the right things IS progressive, while those who make actual “progress” don’t qualify. You can feed tens of millions of poor people and disarm the police in black neighborhoods and you can cure cancer, but if you don’t think the TPP is evil and you don’t believe that income inequality is the key issue for most people, you can’t be progressive in any way. That is completely irrational and it explains why progressives are often the least progressive demographic anywhere. The loudest, most obnoxious group of white liberal elitists (note the lack of quotation marks) have decided that they alone have the authority to decide who is and isn’t “progressive” based on the other person’s position on a pet issue. Ideologically speaking, such irrationality makes the left look stupid and causes voters who don’t have the time to watch 10 hours of cable “news” every day to want to stay home on Election Day. Hence, the anti-progress GOP has far too much power.

Yes, I am pragmatic, but anyone with a brain will take pragmatic any day over profoundly stupid.

The view of ideology many of these people have is rooted in pure fantasy. PUBs and professional lefties have convinced themselves that the Democratic Party has become anti-ideological in recent years. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that and it’s ridiculous. They claim that we Democrats have chosen to reject liberalism and progressive politics in favor of pragmatism, which they will happily say or write with sarcasm dripping from their fangs. You know, because to BE a progressive requires that we always say “progressive things.” Doing is always secondary to saying all the right things to them. Why can’t they see how moronic this sounds? I can be for all of the ideals of the progressive movement AND be pragmatic about achieving progress, because that’s how it’s done. That’s just how democracy works, folks.

read it all, it's great! http://pleasecutthecrap.com/neoliberalism-my-ass/

Love, Love, Love this blog post!!!
June 30, 2016

Feels so good I can hardly stand it



Nighty-night DU
June 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton trounces Donald Trump in poll of seven swing states

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton swept a recent Ballotpedia poll of seven swing states (Florida, Iowa, Michigan, N. Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia), in some cases topping GOP nominee Donald Trump by double-digits.

Clinton trounced Trump in Michigan with a 17-point split. In Iowa, the race was closest, with the former-Secretary of State inching out a 4-point lead. On average, Trump trails Clinton in those seven states by 11 points.

http://www.salon.com/2016/06/29/hillary ... ng_states/

FL - Hillary +14
IA - Hillary +4
MI - Hillary +17
NC - Hillary +10
OH - Hillary +9
PA - Hillary +14
VA - Hillary +7

https://ballotpedia.org/Ballotpedia%27s ... poll,_2016

June 29, 2016

The Truth Behind the Democratic Platform Debate

Accusations that the Clinton campaign isn’t serious about climate change are absurd.

By Carol Browner

June 29, 2016

This election year, I have the privilege of serving on the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee. The charge we had was this: To craft a progressive blueprint for the future that represents the diversity of the entire Democratic coalition. Following weeks of meetings, testimony from 144 witnesses, and votes on amendments offered by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, we have succeeded in drafting a platform that “moves our party firmly toward justice, fairness, and inclusion,” in the words of my fellow committee member Keith Ellison—and above all, a platform that will win in November.

This is a platform that will make history. For the first time, it explicitly calls for repealing the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal funds for reproductive health care and disproportionately affects low-income women and women of color. It sets down a marker that every American should earn at least $15 an hour. And it contains a robust, detailed, ambitious section on one of the most serious challenges we face: tackling climate change.

Which is why it was so disappointing to see other members of our committee accusing the Clinton campaign of obstructionism—and claiming we did not approach the climate crisis as seriously as we should. In both cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/06/democratic-party-platform-debate-hillary-clinton-213998#ixzz4CzErA2Z0
Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

Just sharing. I found it quite informative on the inside dealings of drafting the platform.

June 29, 2016

Why I believe Congressman Xavier Becerra will be the VP pick

Hillary has consistently said that immigration reform is a top priority, and one that she would like to tackle in her first 90 days.

There is no stronger advocate than Becerra on this issue. As a respected member of the House, Becerra would be a strong voice to gather support to get legislation through the House.

June 29, 2016

I believe in love, it's all we've got



Nighty-night DU

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