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Member since: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 2,807

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ISIS is loving Brexit, guaranteed.

I do not doubt that they hoped for it or even that these lone wolf attacks are meant to divide Europe and the US. All of it. And of course, the idiots on the right are giving them exactly what they want. It's depressing really, how easily manipulated the right is and how we on the left have to be so vigilant, continually and vigorously, in order to keep those dumbasses from fucking up in a colossal way, again and again. (see George Derrrrrrr Bush).

Can someone ask the Repugnant Party,

and their like-minded minions scampering around the DU, why 'radical Islamic turrruisssts" kill far more Muslims than anyone else? When a car bomb explodes in Baghdad and kills two fitty it barely gets a mention from the Repigs.

They want to get very specific regarding what type of terrorism it is only when it suits their needs. That dickwad in Charleston didn't command a specific definition as to what type of turrurissssts he was. Was he even a turrurissst?

You see, the Repigs don't care about turrurism or turrurissssts, they like them and they like it. It helps prod the scaredy cats into electing them so they can cut taxes for their masters.

And to anyone flogging that 'radical islamic turrrrisssst" horseshit around here, you can go ahead and stow that shit straight away.

Have a nice day.

Let me try this again....for those watching the latest mass killing coverage,

are they saying that the killer chained the doors shut?

On the big stage last night, Hillary delivered.......

and T Rump looked amateurish and juvenile. It will be a rout. I contend that it is already in the bag.

Hillary will win very bigly.

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