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Koch Ebola

Profile Information

Name: Steve Amodeo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fairfax District California 90036
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Palm Springs
Member since: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 412

About Me

political comic and social comedian. Music critic

Journal Archives

The best article ever written about Trump


My latest poem. there aint gonna be a Civil War.

Spread this poem around to friends and foes alike.

A song about the Bush years

Sometimes you have to turn back the clock to know what time it is. History is the least popular subject in high schools. Most young people do not know the importance history is. Most think it is about remembering dates about certain events. Yes, it is. BUT! Itís about objectivity about past events.
History is a tool about political polemics. If you engage in a political argument, history will always come up. Partisan politics will always fudge or lie about history to certify their point of view. Then there is the out right lies about history. Truthful or objective history will strengthen your argument.
The song above was a tune I based it on the Billy Joelís 1989 song: We didnít start the fire. After 8 years of Bush, I recounted all the events that happened of those 8 years. It wrote the chorus and the lyrics, A.J Marik wrote most of the music and he is the vocalist. We didnít put out the fire: was a cut off of Benedict Arnold and the Traitors 2009 C.D Star, Spangled, Bummer.
My message was that American didnít fight hard enough to stop the President Bush war machine. If you were alive in 2001 to 2008, you might remember all the right wing rhetoric and news stories I recall in this song. Come on! Click on it! Besides time, what do you have to lose? You know you want to. Just do it!

How to prevent another Trump presidency

Did you know it is easier to run for president than it is to get a job working for the government? In my article I explain what it takes to get hired for a Civil Service job. Then I propose stricter requirements to run for president. In the USA, to run for a government office, all you need is lot of money. Check out my Blog by clicking on the link below.


Tim Buckley: the most overlooked artist of the 60's

I wrote an article about this obscure folk singer of the 60's.
Read all about it.
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