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Koch Ebola

Profile Information

Name: Steve Amodeo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fairfax District California 90036
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Palm Springs
Member since: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 02:19 PM
Number of posts: 444

About Me

political comic and social comedian. Music critic

Journal Archives

Confession of a stand up poet

This is about my experiences as a stand up poet in the 90's


Rock Against Racism

40 years ago on this very day. Rock Against Racism concert happened at MacArthur Park Los Angeles California. This will be the last time I will mention it. If my book “Minister of Pogo” ever gets published, then you can read all about it. Until then, go to this link.

Altamont: the ugly Woodstock

December 6th 1969: You know? I said a lot of nasty criticisms about Woodstock. However, I would have rather had gone to that festive than this one. Instead of to concert full of good vibrations and love in the air, I ended up breathing in the poisonous air of The San Joaquin Valley, which is nothing but a desert. Originally it was suppose to be in Golden Gate Park but the Republican government of San Francisco was not having it. So…in the last minute they move the gig to the Altamont Speedway.
I am post this poignant video as reminded how the youth movement came to a crashing halt, after that was Kent State 1n 1970 then the loss of the presidential campaign of George McGovern 1972. It really ended in 1974 when Nixon resigned and Viet Cong took over Vietnam in 1975.
Truth being told, I did not stay to watch the Stones play. I stuck out my thumb and hitch hiked back home. Speaking of thumb…. watch this sad video as a reminder of history. Now we buy shoes made in Vietnam at J.C Penny.

The way it supposed to be heard.

Check out my Blog

this is my 400th post.

Lets celebrate by playing this song

Check out my Blog.

A day without Trump.

A cure for Trump Fatigue Syndrome
Here is a method of coping with the Trump presidency. My latest Blog entry:

Skinhead riot 1982.

Read all about...
Skinhead riot 1982

Ignore Trump just for one day.

Wouldn’t it be nice for one day, the whole world can ignore Trump? A day where we don’t have to see him, or hear him or even think about him? The news media would never do this but you don’t have to tune in and watch. Spend the day focus on what’s really important in life, like your family? Narcissists have a slogan and it goes like this: Love me! Hate Me! But never ignore me! Giving attention to narcissists feeds their ego. Starve Trumps ego for one day. Let’s call it a Ego Boycott. This is just an idea? Thanks for listening.

My Blog

My friend had a stroke!

This dude was the last singer of the 100thth Monkey. Marshall suffer from a stroke some time back and is trying to get back on his feet. This is his latest effort.

My 3rd audition with a band.

My audition experience in 1977. I write about it in my Blog.

Trump hates baseball

As a Baseball fan in general and an American I am offended by this.

My blog.
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