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Lulu KC

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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 01:13 AM
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I am looking for a book about how Germans felt when Hitler came to power

I am talking about the people who did not like him, were not targeted specifically, and how they dealt with it all. I keep seeing posts saying that we need to be more aware than they were. I know there must be a classic that describes how it was--do you know what the book is?

I am also looking for a similar book regarding France, and how the French Resistance became organized and stayed aware.



1.Why can't President Obama dump him on Wednesday after Hilary wins?

2. Have I become hopelessly jaded by thinking this? Or just more realistic? He will be removed from his position. And then he will get some enormous job with a defense contractor.

Still, bye-bye. Bye-bye, Mr. Comey! Bye-bye!

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