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Lulu KC

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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 01:13 AM
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I am looking for a book about how Germans felt when Hitler came to power

I am talking about the people who did not like him, were not targeted specifically, and how they dealt with it all. I keep seeing posts saying that we need to be more aware than they were. I know there must be a classic that describes how it was--do you know what the book is?

I am also looking for a similar book regarding France, and how the French Resistance became organized and stayed aware.



1.Why can't President Obama dump him on Wednesday after Hilary wins?

2. Have I become hopelessly jaded by thinking this? Or just more realistic? He will be removed from his position. And then he will get some enormous job with a defense contractor.

Still, bye-bye. Bye-bye, Mr. Comey! Bye-bye!

Kansas City Star "lays off" reporter who has been exposing Trump advisor, Brownback

Yesterday this article was printed in The Star. This morning its author was laid off. This leaves one person on the paper's editorial board.



I have good news and don't know how to share it

So I'm just putting it here--maybe someone with more experience can take it on. I'm late for an appointment or I'd figure it out. (Did post it as reply to another thread.)


Indeed he did

But I'm not bitter.

The Movement for Black Lives?

I am not familiar with this "umbrella organization," which is actually the one that included this in its platform according to the article. One of its many members is BLM.

This doesn't sound like BLM itself to me and I believe it would harm them to take this stand.

This article from The Atlantic helped make some sense of it: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/08/movement-black-lives-platform/494309/

Still very complicated.

Not all people of Kansas elected him twice or even once

As a person who lives here, in an area where he barely carried the majority (actually, he may have lost in our precinct), with all the representatives in our area agreeing with me about everything and getting nowhere in Topeka, this sounds like a really cruel comment. It's like when GWB won (or "won" and all of the United States was seen as foolish abroad. Brownback had all the support of the Koch Bros and won highest in rural areas and with pro-life and anti-immigration voters who are in every state and make those their priorities. If we look across the state line at MO, where there is a Democrat in the governor's seat, the legislature is also dominated by rural Republicans and they pass absurd laws. In a polarized situation, saying that all the voters of any place deserve what happens is unrealistic. Brownback is part of a national trend--visible in Indiana and Wisconsin, too, and all the people in both those states are not fools, either. Nor are they in Mississippi.
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