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Lulu KC

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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 1,873

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This is encouraging--re AOC and Sharice Davids

"The piece frames this as AOC vs. Bernie Sanders, which is unfortunate, and it begins with an anecdote from the wrong campaign in 2018. The real mistake AOC made was opposing Sharice Davidsís campaign in Kansas. She and Sanders lined up behind Brent Welder, a former Sanders staffer, against a gay Native American woman running on a shoestring. One of AOCís major political talents is that she learns from mistakes and never makes the same one again."


Disproportionate COVID-19 in African Americans

I am waiting for this to blow up in the news. So far, this might be the best thing I've seen. Perhaps because it is early data, it is not hitting anything prominently that I follow. It is important!


COVID-19 notes from a blue precinct in a red state

Update: The panel had to meet within three days of the governor's order. They did not rescind her stay at home order. There was some wacky talk about guns and things, but it was more an example of people playing nicely together than we see around her regularly. Taking it as a win, turning off the screens, and going outside.

At 2 p.m. today the GOP representatives will show how anti-life they really are.


Medicaid Expansion--if not now, when?

Having lived in two of the 14 states that would not accept Medicaid expansion $ available through ACA, I'm wondering if COVID-19 will have any effect.

I was just reading one of many recent articles about rural hospitals not having enough money, but I never see this mentioned in those stories.

"Non-expansion states could significantly expand access to care for low-income adults by implementing the expansion and would receive enhanced federal matching dollars (currently at 90%) for this coverage."


Finally! Statewide stay at home order.

Thanks, Governor Kelly. I have operated on the assumption that she's been pushing this behind the scenes for weeks, against opposition. So glad we have her right now.


A little rant about "political"

I see it everywhere on social media. Someone brings up our government's slow response to the pandemic and a republican says, "This is divisive. Stop making this POLITICAL."

As if the government is not led by elected officials via a political system?

Was it always this way? I can't remember anymore.

Thank you for the opportunity to go nuts once in a while with some people who get it. DU is turning into my safe space.

Update--Kansas Primary

(if one is necessary)
Kansas Democrats announced every voter registered as a Democrat in the state will receive a ballot in the mail on March 30 for the May 2 Kansas Democratic Primary.
from kshb.com

Step right up and request your absentee ballot here, Kansas

It's soooooo easy. Primary is May 2.


School's out for what will feel like forever


A friend told me this will extend through summer school--into August. Not finding that source yet.

Math people, need some help here

Without testing, the data on our rates of infection are unknown. But we do know the # of deaths.
Once we get testing going on a large scale (assuming we do), will we probably show a smaller percentage of deaths--due to proportion?
Please be kind, and answer as if I'm in fifth grade--I'm in recovery from a mathphobic childhood. Thanks!
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