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Member since: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 12:31 PM
Number of posts: 498

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online dating part II I have my first date tonight with a liberal

To those who remember I am doing online dating. I got an email from this guy who has the number 1 must with me, loves animals. I could tell by his pictures that he is a true animal lover. He lives one town over from me. When I accepted the invitation I thought it was strange the way he thanked me. I decided to read his profile and he declared himself a liberal, since I completely forgot that my profile says conservative I understood the strange thank you from him.

Well in a few hours I will no longer politically be a virgin.

Wish me luck

I am doing online dating

Someone explain something to me about men

I read post where one man doesn't want a woman who is over weight to contact him he also said that If you are older than 59 please do not give him a wink or email as he is not interested.

Now this guy sent me an email about wanting to get to know me.
I responding with I don't date men who are 5'7" you at least have to be 5'10". Even if you were 5'10" you look about 80 years old and that is just too old for me. BTW you need to start doing sit ups cause your beer belly is offensive

I ended it with, Now how do you feel?

Someone save me, I hate online dating, but my cats and dogs are even getting tired of me.

What is it with men who only want the perfect woman when they are so far from perfect themselves?

explain please

There is so much to be learned here

Let the trolls in, answer their questions the way you have done mine. Let them see and understand what I have.

I know there are some angry people here, but it's easy to read through their meaning.

I have learned so much about the other side, life , politics. Do what liberals have always done. Educate us through examples, explanations, facts. It is so interesting and educational. Don't ban me, embrace me and others with your knowledge.

Understand their fears, because fears can look like hate. Stay above the frey.

ok, leave our English alone, don't correct us cause we can't spell. Deal with it cause we learn from you.

Together we can unite.

just my feelings

don't ban me

wow 25K police

attending Romas's funeral not to mention his family and friends.

My theory for those interested

especially since I have been accused of trolling

Things that will get done that most folks want
1. Keystone pipeline (jobs)
2. support for Israel
3. ISIS, unfortunately boots will be on the ground
4. immigration (build walls along our borders) and let those in the country stay

Apparently the war on women didn't work
Repubs are not going to take away your birth control or abortions clinics, that didn't work

as for the ACA it is here to stay, but does need modification because it is costing some folks lots of money in deductibles. Who knows maybe single payer.

how ever things end

tomorrow I hope it is a wake up call for everyone to start working together! Best case repubs gain a few seats put a scare in everyone and things change for the better.
Posted by strawberries | Mon Nov 3, 2014, 05:36 PM (1 replies)

found army navy marine whatever dog tags


I suppose this would be the place to do it

I found dog tags on the beaches of CT. I would like to return them to their owner

name on them
Matthew W Philips

help me give them back. Please K&R

When did Monica Lewinsky

start coming out talking? I fell in love with my boss, like a 22 year old.. blah blah. who brought her out?

Last I heard she was living in England because they were much nicer than Americans. That may be true so why did she come back?

geez... I am too old to go through this again

next time someone bashes ACA

Send them to me. I would love to write President Obama and let him know he has probably saved my son's life

My son recently got health insurance, and then got into a car accident. (he is fine) However; they did a CT and found something on his kidney. Apparently he has hyperechoic renal cell carcinoma, they will know more after his MRI. I have tried to do some reading on it, but didn't learn much. If someone knows something about RCC please let me know. I do know it measures 3.7 x 2.7 cm. again any info would be grateful

My point is, had he not got health insurance we never would have known he had RCC. Hopefully it was caught soon enough.

I feel sorry for the family

of the Oklahoma beheading suspect. His poor mother apologizing for her son's actions. Just breaks my heart.

I have one question, is it that easy to cut someones head off? It had to have taken at least a moment or two. Why didn't the other workers help her and stop him?
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