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Member since: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 05:43 AM
Number of posts: 11,308

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Thank you for my heart kind stranger.

Iowa Democrats hung up on campaigns after call gets heated

"The Iowa Democrats hosted a conference call with the campaigns within the last hour.

Sources confirm the Iowa Dems hung up on the campaigns as campaigns pressed for more information about the issues with reporting and when they would receive more data/results. Sources say the call got very heated."

Despite Election Security Fears, Iowa Caucuses Will Use New Smartphone App


Like the landslide victory in New Hampshire that wasnt.


Jose Feliciano - The Thrill Is Gone

Time Of The Season - Company Of Thieves (Live from Daryl's house)

Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) jams with wirh a wide variety of musicians and singers.

Heart & Jason Bonham - Stairway To Heaven ' Tribute to Led Zeppelin- Live at the Kennedy Center

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Windwood, Jeff Lynne and others. While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

The Next American Car Recession Has Already Started

"These should be boom times for Detroit. Unemployment is at a half-century low, gasoline is cheap and auto sales in the U.S. were near record levels last year. Yet American automakers are closing factories, cutting shifts and laying off thousands of workers. The industry is behaving like a recession has arrived.
In one segment of the market, it has."

"Detroit is in the grips of a car recession marked by the collapse of demand for traditional sedans, which accounted for half the market just six years ago. Buyers have made a mass exodus out of classic family cars and into sport utility vehicles. Familiar sedan models such as the Honda Accord and the Ford Fusion made up a record low 30 percent of U.S. sales in 2018"

Attention, Plebs: New Cars Are Becoming Prohibitively Expensive


"Edmunds estimates that the average transaction price of a new vehicles reached $36,495 in December 2018 ó a 3 percent increase compared to December of 2016 and a 13 percent increase compared to December of 2012. Taking that knowledge, Road & Track compiled a broader picture of the new-car market and where it might be going."
"Itís not just in our heads, either. Cars have actually gotten more expensive over the past 10 years, and not just by a little bit. Edmunds says that, on average, new cars sold for more than $36,000 in February, up 29 percent from the same month in 2009. Meanwhile, median household income in the U.S. has only risen to around $62,000, an increase of about six percent over the past decade. Even more cringeworthy? Interest rates have also risen in that time period, from an average of five percent to around 6.26 percent. Not only are cars more expensive, but your auto loan will now cost you more money."
"The Detroit News reports that this will ultimately push more customers into the secondhand market. However, those vehicles only represent a comparative bargain, as the average transaction price of a used vehicle rose by a hefty 36 percent between 2009 and 2018."
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