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Jewish College Student Attacked on NYC Subway in Another Anti-Semitic Incident

Yonatan Herzfeld was taking the S train from Grand Central Station to Times Square at approximately 3:30 p.m. when he was chased off the subway car by an African-American male.

The middle-aged man was “shouting about my kippa and drawing a circle, referring to my kippa [skullcap] saying, ‘what’s that you got on your head,’” Herzfeld said.

As the situation escalated and the assailant shouted more slurs, Herzfeld took out his phone to record the anti-Semitic incident.

“I wanted to have evidence for whatever he was about to do,” said Herzfeld, a student at Stony Brook University. “He then chased me off the train so fast I couldn’t even grab my suitcase and I had to circle back into the train to get it. The train closed and I stood as far from him as I could.”

Herzfeld ran away from the suspect, shouting for help on the subway platform in the middle of one of New York City’s busiest stations. However, no one attempted to help him. In videos posted on Facebook, witnesses are seen staring at the student while he runs across the platform.

“No one did anything when I was screaming for help,” he said. “Many were yelling at me to stop filming him, telling me that I brought the incident upon myself.


Man threatened to bomb Jersey City Jews just days after Kosher store attack

A Jersey City man is accused of threatening to “bomb all of the Jews” in Jersey City less than a week after the deadly attack on a kosher grocery store in Greenville, according to court documents.

Darryl Jacobs, 47, allegedly made the threat during a Dec. 13 phone call with a county welfare worker and was arrested three days later. Police did not recover any explosives, but seized two cell phones, the criminal complaint states.

The defendant told the welfare employee, who did not know him, that he “was going to come down and bomb all the Jews in Jersey City,” according to the court document.


Multiple people stabbed by a man with a machete inside a synagogue in Monsey, New York.


Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University assaulted Jewish students attending event




SU faculty member threatened by anonymous anti-Semitic email

A Syracuse University professor was threatened by an anonymous email sent to her that contained hostile, anti-Semitic language and referenced the Holocaust.

Genevieve García de Müeller, a professor of writing, rhetoric and composition, told The Daily Orange that she received the message around 10:40 a.m. The email, sent via anonymousemail, told her to “get in the oven where you belong.” It ended by using an anti-Semitic slur.

The subject line of the email read “JEW.”

Müeller said she called the Department of Public Safety after receiving the email. DPS directed her to the Syracuse Police Department because the incident occurred while she was off-campus, she said. She also tweeted a screenshot of the email sent to her at about noon on Tuesday.


Extinction Rebellion founder 'calls Holocaust just another f--kery in human history

One of the founders of Extinction Rebellion was plunged in controversy on Wednesday over remarks in which he allegedly questioned the significance of the Holocaust.

Roger Hallam, a former organic farmer in south Wales who co-founded the global activist movement, described the Holocaust as “just another f***ery in human history”, according to Zeit, a leading German newspaper.

Extinction Rebellion’s German chapter issued an immediate statement distancing itself “explicitly” from the remarks and saying Mr Hallam was “no longer welcome” in Germany.

Mr Hallam has previously come under fire for a speech he gave at an Amnesty International event earlier this year in which he compared the climate emergency to Auschwitz.


It gets worse by the day. Jews are under attack throughout the world.

A New Strategy on Campus: Blame the Jews

In a riveting and sad New York Times op-ed, Blake Flayton, a student at George Washington University and a “gay abortion rights advocate and environmentalist,” explained why his fellow progressives call him a “baby killer” and “apartheid enabler.” Like 95 percent of Jews, according to Gallup, the op-ed’s author has a “favorable” view of Israel.

George Washington University has been in the news lately for a blatant kind of anti-Semitism. A “pro-Palestinian” student was captured on video, saying, “We’re going to f**king bomb Israel, bro. F**k out of here, Jewish pieces of s**t.” The student, who says she was intoxicated, has apologized profusely and claimed she didn’t “even know why I said that.” I take her at her word. But the line between “Zionist” and “Jew” can be thin in anti-Israel discourse. In vino veritas.

It remains only to note that blaming the Jewish state for every species of injustice is a feature of the campus anti-Israel movement, not an anomaly. At the City University of New York in 2015, multiple Students for Justice in Palestine chapters signed a statement against CUNY’s “Zionist administration.” The topics? High tuition and low wages for campus workers. Jewish Voice for Peace has since 2017 been running a “Deadly Exchange” campaign, the core of which is that Israel is responsible for police violence against blacks in America. The strategy is clear enough: if you blame the Jews—sorry, “Zionism”—for everyone’s ills, you can draw more allies into your movement.

Anti-Semitism, you see, is a potent political strategy. It’s even more potent when student governments ignore Jewish students and condemn, as the student Senate at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign did recently, the “equation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.” Four hundred Jewish students, including the lone Jew in the Senate, walked out.


75 headstones toppled at Jewish cemetery in Nebraska

Police say about 75 headstones have been toppled and more than $50,000 in damage caused at a Jewish cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Omaha World-Herald reported the vandalism was carried out at the Temple Israel Cemetery in northeastern Omaha.
The incident was reported to police Tuesday by the cemetery’s executive director, who said the damage was done between October 31 and Tuesday morning.

The headstones had been pushed off their bases, and many were broken. Forensic investigators from the police department went to the cemetery to take photos and document the damage.


Jews are under attack and no one gives a fuck.
Posted by grossproffit | Sat Nov 9, 2019, 11:17 AM (3 replies)

National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) and the Promotion of Antisemitism on the Campus

...when an organization denies Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state; when it demonizes Israel by comparing the Jewish state to Nazi Germany or South African apartheid; and when in making demands of Israel it applies double-standards that are not applied to any other country in the world, this organization is not seeking justice. Rather, it is promoting antisemitism, plain and simple.

The reason for this is that demonization, delegitimization, and double standards against Jews were the main tools of antisemites for thousands of years. Now, they are being applied to the Jewish collective in the State of Israel.

Indeed, after ongoing debates, the international community has agreed upon a set of criteria for determining when criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Applying these criteria, the following report analyzes the officially proclaimed aims of Students for Justice in Palestine, and the views of its central figures, and unmasks them as fundamentally antisemitic − in nature. The findings herein can certainly be used by those on campuses seeking to combat the pernicious influence of this group. More than that, I hope they will open the eyes of everyone who sincerely wants to better the world. The way to justice is, clearly, not through this organization.

To read the report please click below:


Two killed in shooting outside synagogue in Germany

Two people have died in a shooting outside a synagogue in Germany, police say.

Police, who are urging locals to stay inside, said several shots were fired before the suspects fled in a car.

German newspaper The Bild is reporting that a hand grenade was thrown.

Posted by grossproffit | Wed Oct 9, 2019, 07:43 AM (7 replies)
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